"Bath Life" organiser by Pomd'Or

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Product characteristics:

  • L4¾'' x W4¾'' x H4¾''
  • Plastic
  • L4¾'' x W4¾'' x H4¾''
  • Plastic
The distinctive "Bath Life" organiser allows your toothbrushes to flirt with your make-up brushes and even helps makes squeezed tubes of toothpaste look almost classy - or at least enables it to be leant casually in a corner of one of the four compartments of this plastic cube.
The "Bath Life" organiser has clear, angular lines and carries out its tasks in the bathroom with great clarity. It can be used for example as an accessory to hold tooth care or cosmetic items.
The white plastic of the "Bath Life" container has a pleasant surface and is easy to clean.
This cube has a lot to offer. It is up to you how you use this organiser, or whether you just leave it empty, waiting expectedly.
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