"Ziricote" tissue box, square by iWoodesign

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Product characteristics:

  • L5½'' x W5½'' x H6¼''
  • Ziricote, handmade, magnetic base
  • L5½'' x W5½'' x H6¼''
  • Ziricote, handmade, magnetic base
The "Ziricote" tissue box from iWoodesign is like an interior design object. The way it works is very simple: An ordinary box of tissues is inserted under the elegant wooden cover and then the bottom of the box, also in wood, is closed and secured with its magnetic fastener.

Ziricote wood is found in Central America and has a very distinct structure: the lighter and darker grain is very unusual. The British manufacturer iWoodesign uses only the finest, top-quality wood for its products. Each piece is made by hand and is thus absolutely unique.

Please note that because wood is a natural product, there can be slight differences in the colour and grain. The "Ziricote" tissue box should be protected from too much moisture.
  • approx. 2 weeks delivery time
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Always use a damp cloth to keep your iWoodesign products clean and make sure that there is no excess water in the cloth. Clean any spillages or food with a damp cloth. Please make sure you do this immediately to avoid penetration.

Important: Avoid placing hot or very cold items directly onto its surface as well as dragging any items across its surface. Also avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods.