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About the brand Carl Mertens

“The essence, the soul of a product is always its use.” This defines the pragmatic philosophy underlying the designs used for the cutlery and table accessories of the German company Carl Mertens. Examples include the award-winning “Palio” cutlery or the exceptional “Balance” cups, which “inclines” to change its position depending on how full it is. It is obvious that the Carl Mertens designers understand exactly what needs to be taken into consideration when one sees the “Ginkgo” salad servers for instance. The matt stainless steel servers are so well proportioned that they do not slide down into the salad bowl – unlike many of their less practical competitors.

Even the ten-piece barbecue set unites stylish design with a practical idea. The black roll-up case containing the barbecue utensils turns into a practical apron when opened up. In order to ensure that bar accessories such as the Champagne bowl or shaker not only have a stunning appearance but also perform their task perfectly, Carl Mertens invites bar chefs and sommeliers to contribute to new design projects.

Carls Mertens: Functional design for cutlery and accessories

In the Asian section of the collection by the stainless steel expert from Solingen in Germany, the designer Carsten Gollnick adheres to the maxim: “Less is more.” Sushi bowls and chopsticks of matt stainless steel perfectly illustrate the high standards of Carl Mertens. Cutlery and home accessories from Carl Mertens show stainless steel at its best: sometimes matt, sometimes glossy. Yet it is always perfectly finished and ready to fulfil its task in an easy to handle size. Carl Mertens blends ergonomy with aesthetically appealing table culture, as can be seen in its dishes, salad servers or sushi sets.