Fornasetti Profumi - iconic scented candles

Fornasetti Profumi

Fornasetti: A Rich World of Fantasy

Piero Fornasetti’s world knew no limits. He pursued a career among other things as a painter, a writer and a designer. He loved to work in the garden, just as much as he loved campaigning for political causes. Above all, the creative genius from Milan did not give a damn about conventions. He lived in his own dream world – and let others share in it through his art work. When he died at the age of 75, he left behind an immense legacy, which – now managed by his son Barnaby – continues to please people to this day. Piero Fornasetti himself wanted his ideas to emerge from as diverse a source as possible: That is why he worked with a wide range of people, ranging from architects to fashion designers and furniture-makers. With the launch of the "Fornasetti Profumi" collection, Piero Fornasettis’s work finds a new logical extension.

New playing field for Fornasetti

Fornasetti Profumi encompasses a collection of scented candles, room sprays and incense sticks that are a feast for the senses. From the outside, the objects look like typical Fornasetti designs: With extravagant floral patterns, deceptively real architectural motifs, or the well-known portrayal of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri. They decorate the handcrafted ceramic and porcelain pots, and many of them have decorative lids and are sometimes even refined with real gold. Piero Fornasetti’s key aim – which was to create decorative things – is thus fulfilled.

Fornasetti Profumi: Art and fragrance – a marriage of love

The Fornasetti Profumi collection actually goes far beyond this decorative aim though by creating a seductive liaison between the motif and scent. Thus the aromas of the Piero Fornasetti scented candles are inspired by his home and artworks – which in turn decorate the containers.

Fornasetti: Masters among themselves

The so-called "noses" behind the scents of the Fornasetti Profumi collection are really big names in the industry, such as Emmanuel Philipp and Oliver Polge. The master perfumers were very enthusiastic to translate the artworks of Piero Fornasetti into a fragrance. They also take their inspiration from his house in Milan, the atelier there that has been preserved as it was and its unique garden, which Piero’s son Barnaba still cares for with the same devotion as his father. From all of these impressions, they compose scents, which on their own are real artworks. Together with the design of the art objects, the overall impression is superb. The high quality of the Fornasetti Profumi collection is seen in the use of vegetable wax for the scented candles, which thus burn gently for an extended period and are never too overpowering.