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About Stella by Saint-Louis

The inspiration for the name of Saint-Louis’ “Stella” crystal glasses comes from the stars. With their angular shapes and their nocturnal sparkling, they encouraged the designers at Saint Louis’ crystal glassworks to produce a very special cut. This star-shaped design decorates not only the glasses but also a bowl, a vase and a centrepiece which have all in the meantime become parts of the “Stella” series. On the glasses, the cut radiates outwards from the base of the glass like rays of bright light. In the case of the little round bowl, the artistic glass cutting enhanced by the rounded, slightly tapered shape are to be understood as an ode to the stars.

The “Stella” vase by Saint-Louis is an impressive masterpiece standing 32 centimetres tall, just like the “Stella” centrepiece by Saint-Louis, which has a diameter of 39 centimetres. Each of these “Stella” items has a formally simple style and is made of transparent crystal glass, which at most has a few gold refinements. In this way the unique cut of the glass is brought out to maximum effect as it refracts the light into a thousand rays — and so this series, made using traditional mouthblowing and hand-cutting techniques in the renowned French crystal glassworks of Saint-Louis, really does justice to its name “Stella”, the Latin word for a star.