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About the brand Yves Delorme

Since 1845, the French brand Yves Delorme stands for exclusive bed linen and a matching terry towelling collection. The luxurious Delorme bed linen is made of soft Egyptian percale cotton (a closely woven, plain-weave cotton).

Intricate hemstitching, hand-embroidered designs and flange borders distinguish the superior Yves Delorme bed linen and terry towelling collection. Yves Delorme also offers beautiful bed linen, terry towels and bathrobes for children.

A weaving mill as the cradle of style

France is a centre of haute couture, a fashion nation that repeatedly sets new worldwide trends. However, even in her wildest dreams, it would never have occurred to Ernestine Fremaux that her company would one day play a big role on this stage. When she established a linen weaving mill near Lille (north of France), she did this mainly out of her passion for the craft and the textiles that it produced. Thanks to Ernestine's fine eye for quality, the linen fabrics that were produced in her weaving mill were top of the line - and soon made a name throughout France. A cotton weaving mill followed and Ernestine Fremaux's company entered a boom period.

New apparel for the bedroom

A young man was to play a decisive role in the direction the family company was to take: Yves Delorme, an interior stylist with a strong love of textiles met the great nephew of the founder, Dominique Fremaux, in the 1980s. Together, they developed a completely new vision for the company's fabrics: new apparel for the bedroom and bathroom. That saw the birth of the Yves Delorme brand as we know it today: the creator of the finest bed linen and matching terry towelling products.

Yves Delorme: Paintings as a model

Each item of Delorme bed linen and Delorme terry towelling excel in terms of expert use of fabrics and the unbelievable details of the design. It would be inconceivable for Yves Delorme to just use some run-of-the-mill pattern. The patterns painted in the company's own atelier are treated with the same respect as a painting. Each detail, from the thickness of the brushstroke to the bright colours used are transferred to the Delorme bed linen and the Delorme terry towels. In order to heighten the effect of the bed linen, Yves Delorme always offers a matching line of terry towelling products. Everything then comes "from one source", a special style feature of Yves Delorme. Yet the most outstanding feature is actually the quality of each Yves Delorme design. Even with your eyes closed, they make you dream.

Yves Delorme: Comfort is the essence

It goes without saying that the materials used by Yves Delorme are of outstanding quality. The Delorme bed linen is often made of Egyptian percale cotton (a light cotton fabric in plain weave). The patterns are generally embroidered by hand on the cover, and there is also intricate hemstitching in many collections. Madame Ernestine Fremaux would be extremely pleased with the designs in the current Yves Delorme collections.

In line with tradition, Yves Delorme now also offers bathrobes and bathroom accessories with the bed linen and towelling lines. What is more, for some time, Yves Delorme's collection also includes table linen. After all, it is not only in bed that you can be inspired to dream...