Terry towelling by Yves Delorme

Terry towelling
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About terry towelling by Yves Delorme

Artedona supplies Yves Delorme terry towels in plain and classic designs or graced with striking and exotic patterns. The “Etoile” terry towels are luxuriously soft to the touch and rank among the most popular Yves Delorme products. Made of an extremely durable cotton/modal fibre blend with a lustrous sheen, the towels are available in a range of 22 harmonious shades. Apart from classic lines such as the “Etoile” towelling embroidered with the signature swan, Yves Delorme offers a wide selection of other attractive designs – most of which are complemented by bed linen of matching design.

Whether of purist, plain-coloured design or with a romantic look adorned with fine lace, all the popular Yves Delorme bath towels, bath mats and guest towels share a common feature: the high-quality cotton fabrics of which they are made. Apart from the lovely hand towels, you will also find attractive cotton cosmetic bags here.