iWoodesign - Home decor made of exquisite woods


About the brand iWoodesign

The British brand iWoodesign specialises in the manufacture of high-quality and exclusive wooden products. The firm’s founder and designer Deanne Steinberg is constantly on the lookout for rare types of wood – and that worldwide. iWoodesign’s range of products includes wonderful wooden trays, photo cubes with wooden frames, bathroom accessories made of luxurious kinds of wood as well as exclusive backgammon boards.

iWoodesign: timeless design objects of high-quality wood

iWoodesign focuses on clear lines and timeless design in its collection. All of the products from the British brand iWoodesign are made of high-quality wood and carefully hand crafted by experienced masters of their craft. The natural grain and the fact that each piece is crafted by hand means that each iWoodesign product is absolutely unique.

For its products, iWoodesign also uses unusual and very rare types of wood, such as the wood of the Japanese Tamo ash. This wood is one of the rarest and most luxurious types of wood in the world. That is why only a few games of backgammon can be produced using Tamo ash each year. The remarkable grain of the Tamo ash is stunningly beautiful.

The Pamper multi-trays are one of the special highlights of the iWoodesign brand. The fold-away wooden trays can be used for all sorts of purposes, from breakfast in bed or working on the sofa with the laptop.