"Chinon" butter spreader, silverplated by Christofle

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Product characteristics:

  • L6½''
  • Silverplated, discontinued cutlery line (possibility to reorder until 2026)
  • Dishwasher safe
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  • L6½''
  • Silverplated, discontinued cutlery line (possibility to reorder until 2026)
  • Dishwasher safe
Christofle has discontinued the regular production of the "Chinon" silverplated cutlery at the end of 2016. Nevertheless, Christofle still offers the possibility to reorder this cutlery line until the end of 2026. Please note that the delivery times for discontinued cutlery lines may be longer than shown on our website.

The "Chinon" silverplated cutlery from Christofle is a fine example of classic French style. For more than 150 years now, people have been dining with the cutlery from the Chinon line, which is famous for its characteristic filiform pattern.

Stately lines, broad-shouldered handles and elegant ornamentation make this silverplated cutlery by Christofle immediately recognisable.

The sweeping design has the harmonious lines of a violin and is reminiscent of the famous German "Altfaden" cutlery service. The classic pattern of the "Chinon" cutlery dates back to the year 1862 and is an example of the Louis-Philippe style popular at that time.

For a long time Christofle’s silverplated "Chinon" cutlery set was better known under the name "Filet" or "Vieux Paris".
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You will find here an overview of the shapes of all Christofle cutlery pieces. The lengths vary from design to design. Please note that Christofle does not produce all pieces in all designs.

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