"Ignis no. 90" dragon tumbler, size M, light blue by Rotter Glas

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Product characteristics:

  • H3¼'', ø 3¼'', 7.8 oz
  • Crystal glass, entirely handmade
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
View entire product range Rotter Glas Ignis no. 90 dragon tumblers, size M
  • H3¼'', ø 3¼'', 7.8 oz
  • Crystal glass, entirely handmade
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
Homage to a Chinese talisman: a dragon motif decorates these glasses by Carl Rotter, which are available either in transparent glass or four wonderful colours. In China, the myths surrounding the dragon are an inherent part of daily life. The dragon stands for celestial and temporal power, but also for wisdom and strength, health and luck. During the traditional processions to celebrate the Chinese New Year, its role is to banish evil spirits.

It is not just glasses that are produced during the complex manufacturing process, but magnificent works of art that skilled craftsmen create during a time-consuming process. Each glass is mouthblown and layered with colour. The refining process of the layer of colour entails engraving, grinding and polishing.
  • This product is currently not available.
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The Rotter tumbler is available in ten brilliant colours and the following four sizes: S, M, X and L.

  • S: 5.5cm high, 60 ml (2 US fl oz) capacity; perfect for spirits and espresso
  • M: 8 cm high, 230 ml (7.8 US fl oz) capacity; slightly less than one US-cup
  • X: 9.5 cm high, 280 ml (9.5 US fl oz) capacity; a typical European water glass
  • L: 10.9 cm high, 360 ml (12 US fl oz) capacity; a typical US water glass
  • Our range shows only a selection of available glassware by Rotter Glas. If you have a desired combination of size, colour and design, we will be happy to assist you.

    You will find all cuts and colours for the tumblers on this overview.

    Lufthansa Exclusive
    February 2012

    "Das Trinken wird aus solchen Gefäßen zum doppelten Genuss: Die traditionsreiche Manufaktur Rotter in Lübeck gibt edlen Gläsern erst den richtigen Schliff.""

    Zuhause Wohnen
    August 2013

    "Strahend blauer Glasbecher in Überfangtechnik (mehrschichtig) von Carl Rotter mit Drachenmotiv."

    September 2012

    The September edition of Elle magazine presents the Newport bar glasses by Theresienthal as well as the dragon tumblers by Carl Rotter.

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