The Lover by Lladró

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  • L15'' x W8¾'' x H7¾''
  • Porcelain, handcrafted
  • L15'' x W8¾'' x H7¾''
  • Porcelain, handcrafted
With "The Lover" figurine from Lladró, the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has given form to his idea of a lover. A colourful figure sits on a throne-like pedestal, his legs casually crossed. It is holding a kind of sceptre, a long rod at the end of which is a red heart.
The head of The Lover is hidden under an amusing-looking hood. with comical ears on which a white turtle dove is perched. The pullover of "The Lover" from Lladró also displays an enchanting humour: It looks like an inflated air mattress – a language of forms that is typical for Jaime Hayon.
He has however shown restraint with the colours: "The Lover" from Lladró is in matt white, laced with blue and green accents as well as the red of the heart shining overhead.

"The Lover" is made of the finest porcelain and produced by hand by the Spanish family-owned business of Lladró.
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