Leather books

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Here we would like to present our beautiful leather books, notebooks, address books, writing folders and photo albums, all made of the finest Italian calf-leather by Pinetti. Discover for yourself the many different colours and designs available.

Notebooks keep a record of fleeting thoughts, but sometimes also of important ideas and concepts. No matter what it is: when you write it down in your beautifully leather-bound notebook it will acquire a new value. The "Romano" notebooks from Pinetti for example are held closed by a leather strap around the book’s cover. Such a fastening system generates excitement and at the same time secures your personal thoughts from the eyes of other people.

Pinetti leather books are popular above all because of their unique haptic quality: Their covers are made of the finest Italian calf-leather sometimes also combined with other valuable materials such as cherry wood. Even the inside of these leather books is a sensuous pleasure: their strong handmade paper is not only unusually pleasant to the touch but also looks extremely valuable. The real value of leather books lies in their timelessness. For one thing, their classic appearance is never out of fashion and, for another, they become more beautiful each day they are used: the ravages of time endow leather books with a patina. So you need have no fear taking your leather iPad sleeve or your leather writing folder to accompany you for your daily work in your mobile office – even though at first glance their elegant leather makes you feel that it must be a special occasion.