"Millefleurs" vase half-moon shaped by Gien

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Product characteristics:

  • H5¾''
  • Faience
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
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  • H5¾''
  • Faience
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
The "Millefleurs" dinner service from Gien conjures up the feeling of summer at any time of year. That is because we are always more than happy to be beguiled by the magnificent flowers of an enchanting summer garden. On the porcelain, cornflowers, roses and camellias, elder and geraniums create enchanting silhouettes and set colourful accents.

Designer Isabelle de Borchgrave found her inspiration for the poetic and vital opulence abounding in the "Millefleurs" design while taking a summer walk with a friend through the garden. Enraptured, she began to immortalize the multifarious petals, leaves and calyxes. Now the flowers adorning the "Millefleurs" tableware will never fade.

Using fine, porous earthenware that is then meticulously glazed, Gien has created an outstanding faience dinnerware with "Millefleurs", one that will not only find favour with romantic natures and friends of floral motifs.
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Wohnen & Garten
März 2020

"Die blühende Fülle eines Sommergartens inspirierte Designerin Isabelle de Borchgrave zu dem Dekor Millefleurs, das diesen Porzellankrug ziert." View PDF

Klassisch Wohnen
Februar-März-April 2017

"Quicheblüte: Edle Fayence Quicheform Millefleurs von Gien." View PDF

Wohnen & Garten
Juni 2016

"Rosen wecken Sommergefühle! Die Vase Millefleurs nutzt diesen Effekt in ihrem romantisch verspielten Blumen-Dekor." View PDF

Meine gute Landküche
March/April 2014

"Gekochte Eier genüsslich auslöffeln! Romantisch: Die Fayencen auf dem Eierbecher Millefleurs von Gien erinnern an das alte Kunsthandwerk." View PDF

February 2013 Decor-Special

"Die ganze Schönheit der Quiche-Form Millefleurs von Gien wird erst sichtbar, wenn aufgegessen wurde." View PDF