"Ceres Artima" vase by KPM

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Product characteristics:

  • H3¼'', ø 3½''
  • Porcelain, handmade, refined with fine gold
  • H3¼'', ø 3½''
  • Porcelain, handmade, refined with fine gold
KPM has added the "Ceres Artima" vase to its "Arkadia" service. This was created by Trude Petri on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of KPM in 1938.
Each piece of the dinner service bears a medallion of unglazed porcelain (bisque porcelain), portraying the utopian vision of Arcadia.
Arcadia, an area in the Greek Peleponnes, was the inspiration for the Hellenic and Roman tales of this pastoral paradise. Demeter (Ceres), Cupid and Pan are portrayed individually on the various pieces.

The "Ceres Artima" vase bears "Ceres" – the goddess of agriculture. The bisque porcelain medallion is gilded as is the narrow rim on the neck of the vase.
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