"Fighting Fish" small vases, h 17 cm by Lalique

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  • Hand-cut crystal glass
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The "Fighting Fish" small vases by Lalique show the impressive beauty of the freshwater inhabitant who lives in Asia. The lush fins of the fighting fish wave on the crystal glass and entwine like fans in a water ballet.

The manufacturing of the "Fighting Fish" small vases shows why the French brand Lalique became synonymous with "haute couture crystal glass": Experienced glassblowers bring the vases into shape. In order to create every motif perfectly and to avoid seams and irregularities, the sculpture work is carried out in the cold glass. The impressive play of light on the crystal glass is created by the final polishing.

With a height of 17 cm the "Fighting Fish" vases by Lalique are perfect for single flower branches. But even without flowers, they are decorative objects that attract attention. The vases belong to the "Aquatique" line from Lalique and are available in the three colours clear, blue and amber.
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