"Conversation" vase by Lladró

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Product characteristics:

  • L20½'' x W12¼'' x H12¼''
  • Porcelain, handcrafted
  • L20½'' x W12¼'' x H12¼''
  • Porcelain, handcrafted
In the design of the "Conversation" vase from Lladró, the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has let his fantasy run free. The result: His vase "Conversation" has a classic, full-bellied shape with sides adorned with a chessboard motif - and faces that look as if they are peering out of the vase.

The round spaces in the sides of the vase only allow enough room for the mouth, nose and eyes. Not as might be expected from the name of the Lladró vase "Conversation", the mouths of the four faces are closed. At most, they communicate calmly and unemotionally with one another. To prevent them making too stiff an impression, Jaime Hayon has painted little red hearts on their cheeks. This is one of the designer's typical stylistic features.

The "Conversation" vase is made of the finest porcelain and produced by hand in the Spanish family-owned business of Lladró.
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