"Vertigo" bread/vegetable basket by Christofle

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Product characteristics:

  • ø 10¾''
  • Silverplated
  • ø 10¾''
  • Silverplated
One rarely sees bread or vegetables more elegantly presented than in the "Vertigo" bread or vegetable dish from the French silversmith Christofle.
The "Vertigo" line was designed by the French star designer Andrée Putman. She admits: "I love beautiful designs and useful designs. And most of all, I love the beauty within useful things." And Andrée Putmann has put this purist statement into practice in the sleek and elegant bread basket of Christofle’s "Vertigo" series.

In fact, the silverplated receptacle lends itself to a variety of uses, not only as a bread basket but also as a vegetable dish. It is also an elegant option as a fruit bowl.
With a 27-centimetre diameter, the "Vertigo" bread basket by Christofle is a most distinctive item from every point of view.
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