"Vertigo" jam/mustard pot by Christofle

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Product characteristics:

  • H5¼''
  • Silverplated, crystal glass
  • H5¼''
  • Silverplated, crystal glass
The "Vertigo" jam/mustard pot by Christofle is appealing because its bold lines tempt you to lift the lid and look inside the crystal-glass container. Whether it holds French Dijon Mustard or sweet jam is not so important. What you will really find so persuasive is the design.

This elegantly shaped combination of a silverplated lid and crystal glass receptacle is the work of the French designer Andrée Putman. This famous artist here declares her preference for unostentatious elegance: "Instead of talking of luxury, I prefer to talk of preciousness."
And Andrée Putman has designed a whole series of very precious objects for Christofle: the "Vertigo" range, all of which display the conspicuous hallmark of a slightly asymmetric looped ring. In this Christofle mustard pot of crystal glass, the distinctive and boldly rolling "Vertigo" ring has ventured its way up onto the silverplated lid.
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