Puiforcat - Artistic silversmith since 1820

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About the brand Puiforcat

The Parisian silversmith Puiforcat is regarded as one of the legendary names in European silver craftsmanship. Founded in 1820 by the two brothers Emile and Joseph-Marie Puiforcat, the manufactory soon established itself as a purveyor of silver tableware to various royal households. Today, Puiforcat not only caters to cruise ships, luxury hotels and presidents with its exclusive silver cutlery and hand-crafted accessories, but also to discerning Artedona customers.

From silver cutlery for kings to modern Art Déco

In 1922 a design revolution replaced the Louis Quinze and Regency styles, which had been cultivated by Puiforcat during the nineteenth century. This new era was ushered in by the grandson of the company founder. Jean Emile Puiforcat began to use the once popular décor much more sparingly or even leave it out entirely. He preferred flat surfaces, clear shapes and pleasant proportions. This was realized for example in the Cannes cutlery that Jean E. Puiforcat designed for his own wedding in 1928. In an intricate process of handcraftsmanship in the Orfèvrerie Puiforcat, this flatware is still being manufactured today.

Revolution in silver craftsmanship: Cutlery without ornamentation

Jean Emile Puiforcat was regarded as one of the most important silver craftsmen of the Art Déco period. Some of his work is on exhibition at the Louvre. With his credo of “Rebirth of skilled craftsmanship” and his plastic and abstract forms, he has left a lasting mark on the silver art of the twentieth century. Puiforcat emphasizes the fact that “Our silversmiths know that a finished piece should not display any traces of the hammering.” Puiforcat’s silvermiths continue to work with uncompromising thoroughness and care.

Cutlery available in sterling silver, silverplate or stainless steel.

Artedona can supply all the flatware produced by the famous Parisian silversmith. In addition to the modern Art Déco designs by Jean E. Puiforcat, you will also receive silver cutlery reflecting nineteenth-century design, or the Élysée cutlery inspired by the Regency style, which is the official silver cutlery of the Élysée Palace, the official seat of the French President. What is more, Puiforcat also has young and contemporary designs for its silver flatware. Puiforcat cutlery is forged out of sterling silver or is supplied in a silverplated version. The classic-modern design of the Puiforcat silversmith is also available in stainless steel - a less costly version for everyday use.

The French master smiths do not only produce elegant flatware. At Artedona, you will also be able to see dishes made of palisander wood and silver, precious silver trays, Limoges porcelain refined with platinum, Champagne coolers made of solid sterling silver or silver vases and candle holders.