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Sieger by Fürstenberg
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About the brand Sieger by Fürstenberg

Under the brand name Sieger by Fürstenberg, the renowned agency Sieger Design and the German porcelain manufacturer Fürstenberg bring together function and beauty in modern porcelain creations. Since 2005, numerous porcelain lines have been produced by Sieger by Fürstenberg, such as the elegant "MY CHINA!" dinner service, the "Ca' d'Oro" dinnerware sporting a graphic, black and white design, the "Wunderkammer" dinnerware in blue as well as the modern "Sip of Gold" Champagne goblets. With the designer Sieger and the porcelain manufacturer Fürstenberg, two experts have combined their individual specialist areas to create exclusive products which meet high standards of quality and style. Fürstenberg transforms the designs from Sieger into paper-thin porcelain which highlight the sophisticated shapes and decors.

The all-rounders of Sieger by Fürstenberg

Common to all of the creations: their well-conceived function, versatility and possibility of combination. Thanks to a system of aligned sizes, shapes and materials, it is easy to present individual pieces in ever new and refreshing ways, in, on and with each other. The "Sip of Gold" Champagne goblets also blend harmoniously with the different services, stylishly complementing the different designs with their uniform shape.

The design of Sieger by Fürstenberg – Sieger Design Agency

Behind the German brand Sieger are the two brothers Michael, the designer, and Christian, the manager. “We wish to enrich the lives of people in their homes with beautiful and, at the same time, highly functional products,” say the brothers. They fulfil this aim in their extensive range of different products. The creations from Sieger cater to everything from dining culture to interior design. Each product bears Sieger’s inimitable stamp. Function, colour and a lot of character distinguish the creations from the family-run company – and together with luxury, quality, culture and style produce the Sieger brand. The brothers work exclusively with cooperation partners who share their high standards of quality and cultural awareness.

The art of production at Sieger by Fürstenberg

Every cup, every plate and every accessory from Sieger by Fürstenberg is made of paper-thin porcelain; the walls of the "Sip of Gold" Champagne goblets, for instance, are around only two millimetres thick. Owing to their extraordinary fineness, a conventional glazing method in the hand bath is not possible. Hence the glaze is sprayed on each piece by hand. The famous hardness, which makes porcelain from Fürstenberg so resistant, is achieved in the subsequent firing process at temperatures of up to 1,400 °C. The pieces are refined with intricate designs applied by hand in 24-carat gold or with 99 percent platinum. Numerous work steps are required; each piece passed on average through 100 hands until finally – displaying tremendous attention to detail – the final product is ready. Sieger by Fürstenberg is the coming together of two ideal partners to create a new, magnificent brand – a brand famed for its passion to produce top-class porcelain and aspire to workmanship of the highest quality. The aspiration of the Sieger Design agency in terms of sophistication of forms and combination options "takes shape" perfectly at Fürstenberg.

Fürstenberg stands for fascination for porcelain. Since 1747 everyday objects have been transformed into little works of art at the porcelain manufactory Fürstenberg. For further information, please refer to the Fürstenberg information in our "Brands" section.