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Bernardaud Limoges Porcelain – Modern Dinnerware from France

The beating heart of Limoges: Bernardaud is one of the last family-owned manufacturers of Limoges porcelain. The innovative pioneer rose to become one of the best-known houses for French china with diverse patterns and refined shapes.

Bernardaud has not one style, but many: The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies enables Bernardaud to dare something new with each collection. From minimalist avant-garde to exciting artist's editions, at Bernardaud you will find dinnerware for every occasion, every interior and every taste.

The house regularly invites international artists and designers into its workshop to realise their artistic visions and explore unbeaten paths. Discover unique sculptures and dinnerware collections by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Olivier Gagnère, Hervé van der Straeten and Marc Chagall.

Five Generations of Bernardaud - Limoges Porcelain since 1863

Water, fire, earth… Porcelain is a product of the elements. In 1768, kaolin was found near the town of Limoges. Kaolin is the "secret ingredient" of porcelain, the kind of ceramics that china is usually made of. Shortly after, the small town in the heartland of France had become the centre of French porcelain craftsmanship.

One hundred years later, the young apprentice Léonard Bernardaud worked his way to the top of a porcelain manufactory that had been founded in Limoges in 1863. He rose to become the owner, gave his name to the manufactory and a lifetime of know-how to his descendants.

Since then, the Bernardaud family has stood for tableware, decorative objects and jewellery made of exquisite Limoges porcelain. Their recipe for success: to meet the high standards of traditional Limoges porcelain craftsmanship with innovative technologies.

Today, Bernardaud is an important training company for the Limoges region. The workshops are vital cultural centres for apprentices and artists. As a living heritage company of France and a member of the prestigious Comité Colbert, Bernardaud carries its craft into the future.

Limoges Porcelain by Bernardaud - Quality Made in France

Porcelain from Limoges is traditionally hard-paste porcelain. It has achieved international fame thanks to its pure raw materials and strict quality standards. The basic recipe is simple: 50% kaolin, also known as porcelain clay, 25% quartz sand, 25% feldspar – fired at over 1400 °C (2552 °F). The pure porcelain clay from Limoges gives the final china its brilliant white. The high firing temperatures make it translucent and resistant.

The key to excellent porcelain, however, lies in the know-how of the artisans. Bernardaud maintains and promotes the porcelain traditions from Limoges and continues to develop porcelain craftsmanship with new technologies. Bernardaud's cups, plates, bowls and objets d'art are created using highly specialised processes and intricate handwork.

Bernardaud is one of the few French china factories that can print its own decorations. The decorations on high-quality porcelain are first printed on transfer foils that are then affixed to the porcelain by hand.

During a third firing, the decorations fuse into the glaze. Using the screen printing process, Bernardaud realises detailed and unique designs of the highest quality in its own workshops. This is how the Bernardaud catalogue achieves its unique diversity.

The precious pieces from the Prestige collections, some of which are limited, are often painted by hand. For the most elaborate decorations, experienced craftsmen use fine brushes to apply gold or platinum to patterns etched into the porcelain, which then have to be fired and polished. This supreme discipline requires more than 30 additional work steps.

Bernardaud for Restaurants

Among professionals in gastronomy and the hotel industry, the renowned porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud is regarded as an expert for spectacular dinnerware that can also withstand special demands. Bernardaud's gastronomy lines are fired at particularly high temperatures. This treatment means that they can withstand frequent dishwasher use.

Bernardaud's Limoges porcelain catering services have an enormous variety of shapes. You will find menu plates, presentation plates for different dishes, and a variety of bowls and tureens. On request, we can supply you with more tableware items that are not currently shown in our range.

Bernardaud knows the demands of high-class catering. The house is in close contact with top chefs and luxury hoteliers around the world. This permanent exchange ensures that the Bernardaud porcelain manufactory has exceptional competence in the professional sector.

Bernardaud lithophanes and gift sets

A glowing tradition: lithophanes, also known as votive lights, are pictures worked into thin porcelain that only become visible when backlit. Bernardaud cultivates this tradition with the Votivelight series, masterfully engraved porcelain domes on matching plates. The three-dimensional engravings glow from within in warm candlelight – a wonderful gift idea of magical beauty.

A gift idea for couples are the espresso cups with saucers in sets of two from Bernardaud. The Anno espresso cups have a ring around the cup instead of a handle on the side. The ring stays cool to the touch and is easy to grip from all sides – a practical designer piece for festive occasions. The Loop platinum coffee cups are decorated with tapering platinum rings – a noble look for the perfect cup of espresso.

Bernardaud China – A Variety of Styles

Cool elegance: The Écume White dinnerware by Bernardaud is characterized by engraved surfaces that evoke fine sea foam frozen in time. It is one of Bernardaud's most popular china collections. Écume White is slightly thicker than other porcelain collections. It is less translucent but robust enough for restaurant use. Combine Écume White with pieces from Écume Platin, Écume Gold and Écume Mordoré for unique occasions.

The Kintsugi dinnerware by Bernardaud is inspired by the Japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer. Printed cracks in gold give the minimalist china the visual impression of having been repaired in this way. The Kintsugi collection can be perfectly combined with Écume Gold.

An imaginative classic: The Louvre dinner service by Bernardaud is a tabletop journey through the art history of France. Each plate, bowl and cup in the white china collection is decorated with historical relief motifs from different eras. Classic and playful at the same time – the perfect china for elegant yet cheeky interior design.

Between the cabinet of curiosities and Japonism: The Aux Oiseaux dinnerware by Bernardaud will capture the imagination of your guests. Colourful birds and butterflies populate golden branches that look like Japanese woodblock prints. Simple shapes emphasise the beauty of the delicate Limoges porcelain.

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