Bernardaud - fine Limoges porcelain

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About the brand Bernardaud

Bernardaud is a leading manufacturer of Limoges porcelain. Since 1863, this French family business has been demonstrating its passion for fine craftsmanship. The current collection of Limoges porcelain offers a fascinating choice of creative designs and elegant shapes. Well-known artists and designers, including Roy Lichtenstein, César, and Kees van Dongen, or Olivier Gagnère and Hervé van der Straeten are regularly commissioned by the company to produce new creations.

Bernardaud Limoges Porcelain - Perfection crafted entirely by hand

The French manufacturer Bernardaud can proudly look back on 150 years of success in the porcelain business. The company is particularly renowned for the creativity of its collections. Creativity in this context means original designs as well as unique shapes and structures using the finest Limoges porcelain. One of the best examples of this is the Ecume dinner service with its special relief structure. Its finely structured rim resembles the filigree trails left behind by the ocean's spray.

Another captivating and unique design is the Bulle porcelain service. Bulle from Bernardaud seems to manage to stop the world turning for a moment. To an extent, the design takes its inspiration from that fleeting fraction of a second when a drop of water lands on the surface of a pool. All the dinner services from the Bernardaud porcelain manufacturer are crafted by hand and offer the highest possible degree of perfection.

Art meets finest Limoges porcelain

Bernardaud works with well-known contemporary artists for each collection. Renowned artists include for example Roy Lichtenstein, César and Kees van Dongen, Olivier Gagnère and Jeff Koons. They create unique porcelain artworks that are often only produced in a limited edition.

The Bernardaud porcelain collection ranges from classic lines such as Ecume, Louvre and Galerie Royale to modern designs such as Aux Oiseaux and Aboro. Besides its classic glazed porcelain, the company also produces pieces of delicate unglazed biscuit porcelain. Bernardaud often refines its porcelain with platinum or gold.

Bernardaud lithophanes and gift sets

A popular classic by the French manufacturer is the Bernardaud lithophane (votive light). What makes the lithophane effect so attractive is the interplay of unglazed biscuit porcelain and the moulded relief motifs. The different degrees of translucency of the relief on the thin Bernardaud porcelain result in interesting optical effects against the light. When the porcelain is finer, more light shines through; conversely, where the porcelain is thicker, less light shines through.

Besides the popular votive lights, Bernardaud offers many other wonderful gift ideas. Bernardaud shows that you can reinvent design all the time with its espresso cups Salsa and Anno. For the Anno design, a ring in gold or platinum encircles the cups in place of a conventional handle. The special form of the Salsa espresso cup means that it looks almost as if it is dancing on the saucer.

Bernardaud for Restaurants

Leading restaurants and hotels regard the renowned porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud as the experts at creating spectacular dinnerware that can really withstand the heat in the kitchen. Bernardaud's restaurant dinner services are fired at extremely high temperatures. This enables the porcelain to weather frequent stints in the dishwasher. What is more, in order to be prepared for any kind of service, Bernardaud's restaurant range offers an enormous choice of shapes and designs. There are dinner plates, presentation plates for different dishes and a wide variety of bowls and tureens. If required, we can also supply even more kinds of tableware than are on view in our selection.

Bernardaud knows the demands of high-class catering. The fifth generation to head the family business, Michel Bernardaud maintains close contacts with top chefs and the managers of luxury hotels. This permanent exchange of ideas is what cements the competence and solid reputation of the porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud.