The fine art of crystal glass

Craftsmanship at its best

We offer glasses from reputable glassworks such as Saint-Louis from France, Theresienthal and Carl Rotter
from Germany, Moser and Artel from the Czech republic. The selection is enormous: You will find goblets,
tumblers, red wines glasses, white wine glasses, Champagne flutes, aperitif glasses, water glasses,
jugs and carafes as well as bar glasses.

Celebrate with Champagne

Acrylic glasses by Mario Luca Giusti

Masterpieces of European glass manufacturers

From baroque opulence to modern minimalism, from mighty crystal glass tumblers to delicate porcelain cups – our drinking glasses from Europe's most renowned manufactories silently radiate their magic over every table setting. Gift unique, one of a kind drinking glasses to colleagues, friends and family or shop complete drinkware collections for your home bar.

Crystal glass – the glass artist’s crystal canvas

The majority of our selection of glassware is made of crystal glass. Unlike normal glass, it contains a substantial amount of valuable metal oxides – at least 10% according to EU regulations. These make the glass colourless, brilliant and clear in any thickness. Only when these criteria are met can the glass be coloured, shaped, cut, polished, engraved and decorated with gold and platin by masterful craftsmen.

Every manufacture has their own recipe to create crystal glass with unique traits. That way, they can attune the exact properties of their crystal glass to their individual needs and strengths. The production of crystal glass is an exciting field of research that is constantly evolving – who knows what innovations await us.

The historical heavyweight – lead crystal

Lead crystal, commonly referred to simply as crystal, contains a significant amount of lead oxide – at least 24% according to EU regulations. For centuries, it used to be considered as the golden standard for crystal glass. That’s because the surprisingly heavy lead glass boasts an unsurpassed brilliance when cut. Today, lead crystal is most commonly used for decorative objects such as chandeliers and vases.

Brilliance and weight are not the only hallmarks of lead crystal. It also has a unique sound – even just a gentle tap of the finger will elicit clear and bright sustained tones from the glass.

Drinkware made of lead crystal has become rare. It will last for generations if it is handled with care. It is recommended to clean it by hand, not to store food and drink in it for extended periods of time and to avoid stacking it. It’s worth the extra care as well-kept crystal pieces could one day become coveted collector's items.

Lead crystal and crystal glass are equally premium materials with distinct benefits – choose freely based on your needs.

Each handcrafted piece is unique

Whether from France, the Czech Republic or Germany, Europe's glass manufacturers have been creating objects of artistic and cultural significance for centuries. Only the best and most innovative artisans who dare push the boundaries of their craft have been able to survive to this day. Their claim: perfection down to the last detail.

In France, the Cristallerie Saint-Louis, founded as early as the 16th century, and the haute couture forge Lalique have been producing breath-taking items of beauty. In the Czech Republic, Moser and Artel inspire new talent with an incredible play of colours; in Germany, Theresienthal and Rotter Glas have been attracting international attention.

Radiant colours, artistic cuts, hand-engraved motifs, unique shapes and luxurious ornaments made of gold and platinum – handcrafted glassware sets exciting contrasts to cutlery and tableware. Our carefully curated selection will fascinate and enchant your guests at any event.

A new lifestyle – champagne goblets made of porcelain

From heavy and clear to light and opaque – in addition to glassware in all shapes and sizes, you will also find other kinds of drinkware like champagne tumblers made of porcelain. The lavishly decorated cups feel amazing to hold and will keep your champagne cool for a long time. Their varied designs ensure that no cups will get mixed up at your next big celebration. In the 24-carat gold-plated goblets, the contents shine like liquid gold - a playful luxury experience.