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The fine art of crystal glass

Craftsmanship at its best

We offer glasses from reputable glassworks such as Saint-Louis from France, Theresienthal and Carl Rotter from Germany, Moser and Artel from the Czech republic.

Acrylic glasses by Mario Luca Giusti

Masterpieces of European glass manufacturers

Welcome to the bright cosmos of glass masterpieces. Here, you can find the most sophisticated drinking vessels by exclusive European manufacturers. Treat yourself to the luxury of a superior level of drinking pleasure, for example with the mouth-blown glasses from the sophisticated Saint-Louis brand. The former "royal glassworks" fascinates with its brilliant glass art: from outstanding chalices to magnificent sherry glass with hand-painted adornments in fine gold. The famous glasses in the "Tommy", "Excess" or "Bubble" reveal at a glance the extravagance of the French crystal workshop.
Or you fill your cupboards with the ingeniously cut and engraved glasses by the manufacturer Carl Rotter from Lübeck. The refined coloured collectors' pieces provide exclusive highlights for your table. Are you searching for something for serving nightcaps? Then take a look at the exceptional collection of bar glasses produced by an American in Prague. In her crystal glassworks, designer Karen Feldman pursues the tradition of Bohemian glass art and has created the new and exclusive luxury brand Artel. The cocktail glasses in retro style, whisky tumblers from designer David Wiseman, ice bucket in Mondrian look or stackable dishes combine modern design with classic motifs.
We stock French crystal glass that has made a spectacular impression during state visits or royal banquets as well as exclusive examples of skilled glass art by German manufacturers. Our luxurious glassware guarantees that you are perfectly equipped for every social function. Many of our glasses are hand-cut and thus each totally unique. The selection is enormous: You will find goblets, tumblers, red wines glasses, white wine glasses, Champagne flutes, aperitif glasses, water glasses, jugs and carafes as well as bar glasses, such as highball glasses and whisky tumblers, cocktail glasses and hock glasses.