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Robbe & Berking
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About the brand Robbe & Berking

Over the time of five generations since the founding year 1874, the small German silversmithing shop Robbe & Berking transformed itself not only into Germany's biggest manufacturer of silver cutlery but also into an internationally renowned brand. Cutlery and other silver accessories bearing the "R&B" hallmark are regarded by fans and connoisseurs as inimitable masterpieces.

Many of them can be found today in leading museums. One good example is the "Alta" cutlery designed by Wilfried Moll in 1982. This modern classic is now exhibited at the London Victoria and Albert Museum as well as the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Refined beauties

It is not often that unwillingness to compromise flowers in quite the same way as it has for Robbe & Berking: Nicolaus Christoph Robbe, great-great-grandfather of the current owner invested all his hopes in skilled craftsmanship when he founded the silver manufactory in Flensburg in 1874. He believed that beauty did not need to have superimposed allures. His small atelier in northern Germany produced exceptional silver cutlery, which soon made a name for itself in Europe. His son-in-law, Robert Berking, was a highly skilled silversmith-master who developed his own cutlery range. It was in large part thanks to his contribution that Robbe & Berking became one of the most renowned silver manufacturers in Europe.

Modern masterpieces

Now in the fifth generation, Robbe & Berking still follows the key principle of the great-great grandfather, which was that even if others made cheaper cutlery than Robbe & Berking, no one should make better cutlery. That is why all the company's Sterling silver and silverplated cutlery and accessories are exclusively produced in the Flensburg atelier in Germany - and Robbe & Berking is a flagship of uncompromising quality.

The Flensburg manufacturer's style has also earned respect in the design scene. Robbe & Berking "Alta" cutlery has won lots of design prizes and can be viewed in some of the world's most prestigious museums. And the latest Robbe & Berking cutlery to be awarded a number of prizes, "Martelé", may soon be added to the list. The typical manual hammering technique makes each work unique and reflects the light myriad times. Robbe Berking cutlery even manages to affect our perception of things. For example, the "Martelé bowl looks as light as a feather and wafer-thin, although it is naturally silverplated. That is why it is thanks to Robbe & Berking that silver appears to become the superlative metal - casually taking the place of gold.

At home at the best addresses

No wonder that the Robbe Berking cutlery and Robbe Berking silver can be found in top restaurants around the world, stretching from Hamburg to Hong Kong. They refine the enjoyment of using them by being a work of art and utensil at the same time. It is also interesting to know that 200 of the world's largest private yachts have Robbe Berking silver. The famous Robbe Berking cutlery collection in 925 sterling silver, 150 gram solid silver plate or stainless steel demands highly skilled craftsmanship - a manual process which has changed very little over the last 140 years.