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Cutlery at Artedona: Let yourself be inspired

For purists, the ideal cutlery is not a pragmatic question about food utensils but about a fundamental world view. You will have no problem finding your personal favourite among almost 100 different types of cutlery. Regardless whether you opt for sterling silver or silverplated cutlery, you can be sure of refined designs from Germany and France, such as cutlery from Christofle, Robbe & Berking or Puiforcat. The selection ranges from stylish steak knives from Forge de Laguiole to straightforward stainless steel cutlery, from coloured cutlery for bright everyday use to sterling silver sets that would not look out of place at a royal court function. Simply browse through our extensive collection.

Full range of pieces

Good silver cutlery makes a big entrance: Dinner knives, forks and spoons, receive plenty of support from the many smaller and larger members of its family, ranging from the cheese knife to the soup ladle, from the rice spoon to the cake server. Original knife rests offer a sophisticated place of repose and equally striking are our silver chopsticks, while our exuberant horn or stainless steel salad servers shake up even the plainest of green lettuce. We supply both sterling silver cutlery as well as silverplated cutlery and stainless steel cutlery.

Our high-quality and diverse cutlery series shine in every modus operandi, be it in carving, filleting or simply slicing. Discover the exquisite and stylish table utensils, such as the sharp steak knives from Forge de Laguiole. Let yourself be enraptured by our elegant chopsticks or be enticed by our hand-crafted classics in sterling silver. "Cannes" from Puiforcat is a declaration for the three-pronged fork and the perfectly symmetric oval shape of the spoon. With more than 50 pieces, this refined cutlery really meets every challenge that eating can present.