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About the brand Ercuis

Ercuis is one of the leading silversmiths in France. The Parisian silver manufacturer Ercuis is famous for exclusive silver products with modern designs. Very high-quality workmanship visible in the cutlery, dishes and trays as well as accessories is what makes the traditional French company so distinctive. Silverware from Ercuis belongs in the luxury class of silversmith’s art. It was founded in 1867 and is named after the small French village in the region of Oise.

Ercuis für Professionals

The traditional Ercuis silver manufacturer not only works with renowned luxury hotels and star restaurants, but also offers special service and individual solutions to the upmarket private sector.

Ercuis is one of the top brands in yacht furnishings and exclusive residences, and its product range covers all areas of fine dining. Besides the elegant silver cutlery, for which it has made its name, Ercuis also manufactures a superb selection of platters and etageres in all shapes and sizes as well as cleverly conceived silver accessories - such as beautiful placement card holders, butter dishes, bread baskets or crumb collectors - and its original home accessories. We can also supply a vast number of these silverplated accessories with their own individual touch: personalised, gilded or with a logo or crest.

If you wish, Ercuis can also make special individual pieces, which are crafted to your exact specifications.

The beginnings of Ercuis

The young priest Adrien Célest Pillon did not have a luxury empire in mind when he opened a silver manufactory in the tiny village of Ercuis French department of Oise in 1867; he was more focused on the religious edification and financial future of his fellow men. Pillon produced silver liturgical objects in Ercuis – until his manufactory went bankrupt four years later.

Ercuis: Silverware for grand hotels and luxury liners

After reopening, the silver manufactory Ercuis concentrated on a new market, focusing on manufacturing silver cutlery and other silver tableware. The grand hotels on the Riviera were soon among its most important customers. Right into the second half of the twentieth century, people dining on many luxury liners and even in the Orient Express were using Ercuis silverware. Today, one finds the flowing elegant forms of the elegant silverware from Ercuis in luxury hotels, on the tables of top restaurants or on board planes with VIP furnishings.

Sterling silver and silverplated cutlery from Ercuis

Ercuis uses a silver alloy that includes copper as well as nickel, which makes the silver harder. Ercuis has honored its tradition of perfect handcraftsmanship for the last five generations. Apart from sterling silver cutlery and silverplated cutlery, Artedona’s collection also offers numerous other original and exclusive tableware products from Ercuis. There are also silver picture frames and christening presents to choose from as well as a uniquely charming selection of bar accessories.