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Art without limits: The Haviland china manufactory has made Limoges porcelain world famous. Founder David Haviland was the first to combine china from Limoges with modern designs that liberated the porcelain craft in France from its strict traditions. Best quality, unmistakable aesthetics – the epitome of French luxury.

The history of Haviland Limoges France china

David Haviland had an eye for quality. He had been importing ceramics from England to the USA since 1838. When he first saw porcelain from France, he recognised its exceptional quality immediately. In search of the perfect porcelain for his customers in America, he moved from New York to Limoges in the middle of France in 1842.

For Haviland, the first-class Limoges china had only one flaw: its traditional French decorations were not fashionable in the United States. He was looking for French porcelain dinnerware with British decorations.

At that time, however, the artisans in Limoges only produced white china and sent it to Paris for painting. The porcelain painters in Paris were unwilling to change their patterns. Haviland had to decorate his white china himself.

Haviland opened a school for decorators in Limoges and began making his own dinnerware with decorations for American tastes. His novel mix of styles between French and British designs wowed American customers. For decades, young women in the southern parts of the United States in particular swore by Haviland Limoges porcelain as their fine china.

Porcelain reinvented - innovative dinnerware by Haviland

David Haviland's innovation of producing and decorating dinnerware in the same manufactory revolutionised manufacturing in Limoges. The porcelain pioneer went one step further and became the first to introduce chromolithography to the craft.

Chromolithography is a high-quality printing method for ceramics that replaced hand painting and is still in use today. The coloured designs are first printed on a stone and then transferred to foils. Skilled artisans place the transfer foils on the white porcelain pieces with pinpoint precision and smooth them out. In an additional firing process, the colours fuse with the porcelain.

Haviland's new manufacturing methods for decorated dinnerware were efficient and of superior quality. His success was so great that the other porcelain manufactories in the region had to adapt. Soon, all manufactories in Limoges were decorating their porcelain locally. Haviland had set the standard that is still valid today and laid the foundation for the state-protected designation of origin "Porcelain from Limoges".

Haviland Limoges Dinnerware – From the French Court to the White House

Refined, noble, contemporary yet timeless – Haviland Limoges porcelain has outlasted all fashions. In the course of its history, the manufactory has designed countless tableware patterns, collaborated with legendary artists and designers and met the demands of famous customers.

In Europe, Haviland's delicate porcelain won over the wife of Napoleon III and last Empress of France Eugénie de Montijo, President Jacques Chirac and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

In the USA, the First Lady of President Abraham Lincoln ordered the famous Lincoln solferino china service, one of the most beautiful White House china services of all time.

At the Hôtel Ritz on Place Vendôme in Paris, guests have dined on Haviland plates since the hotel opened in 1898. Haviland's lavish tableware has helped shape the luxury hotel's world-famous style. It is a vital part of the iconic ambience of the legendary grand hotel that coined the term "ritzy".

Haviland works with contemporary artists on novel decorations of high artistic value. Among the most important partners of their eras were Impressionist Felix Bracquemond, Art Deco legend Jean Dufy, Expressionist Wassily Kandinsky and Surrealist Salvador Dalí.

Quality from Limoges by Haviland

Haviland china is made by hand and 100% Made in France. The porcelain manufactory upholds the Limousin region's strict quality standards that first drew its founder to France. White, delicate, resonant – Limoges porcelain by Haviland is a feast for all senses.

The Haviland artisans tell stories in porcelain. Using in-house techniques passed down from generation to generation, they model, print, paint, and engrave their passion into the white gold. The prestigious Haviland Limoges France stamp is proof of their passion.

New Haviland collections

The manufactory's master craftsmen demonstrate their creative power in their modern dinnerware patterns. Unique white tableware collections with velvety surfaces and engraved designs carry the prestige of the house into the future.

Haviland's extensive collections include dinnerware, tea sets, coffee services, vases, coin trays, serving trays, and much more. Create a harmonious table arrangement for breakfast, brunch, teatime and formal dinners with Haviland porcelain.

The emblematic Clair de Lune dinnerware service by Haviland shimmers like soft moonlight. Elegant platinum ribbons accentuate the light grey, velvety textured borders. The service is available as "Clair de Lune Uni" and "Clair de Lune Arcade", which is decorated with Art Deco-style arches. Together, they create a sophisticated ensemble of timeless beauty.

The Infini White dinner service is Haviland's style icon. The hand-engraved, radiant relief pattern embodies the know-how of Haviland's artisans. Combine Infini White with Infini Platinum and Infini Gold to celebrate once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

The Souffle d'Or dinner service sparkles like a shower of gold shooting stars. Dynamic golden patterns shine on shimmering shades of grey, revealing their complex geometry only on closer inspection – luxurious art of living from Haviland Limoges France.