Raynaud - a passion for Limoges porcelain

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About the brand Raynaud

Raynaud Limoges dinnerware is well-known for its innovative designs. Especially the Raynaud Cristobal line with its extravagant coral pattern is a hallmark of the Raynaud porcelain label.

The history of the Raynaud porcelain manufactory can be traced back to the 19th century. Magnificently coloured and gilded decorations were created on delicate Limoges porcelain, which still today distinguish the company’s collection. The brand Raynaud with its inimitable „R“ and a laurel branch represents a famous porcelain that has earned an international reputation with its famous Tsar cups.

Raynaud for Restaurants

Put your confidence in the experience of the master chefs. The "Hommage" and "Lunes" dinnerware lines, specially conceived for the catering business, set the standards for haute cuisine. In order to be able to fulfil the special requirements of top restaurants, Raynaud has been working together with successful star chefs. Based on these rewarding encounters, it has been possible to develop unique and versatile dinnerware, which is well suited to the challenges of gourmet cooking.

"Lunes" can be truly described as an aesthetic revolution on a richly laid table. The delicately shaped Limoges porcelain presents culinary delights on small elevations and differently shaped plateaus, thus cleverly putting them centre stage. Tableware for high-class restaurants from high-class restaurants. The French cordon bleu chef Anne-Sophie Pic developed "Lunes" and it caters in every way to the special needs of modern cuisine, including many small pieces and elements, which demand to be put to good use.

Even Thomas Keller, one of the few chefs who can boast two three-star restaurants has created his own tableware range for Raynaud. "Hommage" shines with its clear modern shapes and many refined details. Wide rims on the plates and bowls form a fitting setting for exquisite dishes. The modern star chef not only pampers the taste buds, but also appeals to the eye. The standards of haute cuisine are fully met by the "Hommage" and "Lunes" porcelain series.