Fürstenberg - porcelain with tradition

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About the brand Fürstenberg

The fascination of porcelain: Few other brands celebrate the magic of everyday objects in the same way as the porcelain manufacturer Fuerstenberg. Here, cups and plates are justified in feeling like works of art. A Fuerstenberg dinner service is just as special today as it was 250 years ago. The artistically hand-painted porcelain stands for the fascinating union of craftsmanship and design.

Since 1753, the famous blue “F” beneath the glazed surface on presentation plates, cups or teapots reveals that the porcelain is from the Fuerstenberg porcelain manufactory. From its inception, the Fuerstenberg brand has stood for stylish tableware. Snow-white porcelain is married with spectacular designs. The so-called “Fuerstenberg art” already enjoyed great success in the nineteenth century: thanks to its decorative vases and a boom in the demand for collectors’ cups.

Porcelain from Fuerstenberg: Classic and modern tableware

In the 1930s, Fuerstenberg braved a radical break with traditional forms. Practicality and functionality became visible features of the porcelain from Weserbergland (a mountainous region surrounding the Weser River). This can be seen for instance in the legendary tableware “Form 639”. Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s creation created a furore at the World Exhibition in Paris. This dinner service now bears the more amenable name of “Wagenfeld”.

Besides other classics from the Fuerstenberg porcelain manufacturer, Artedona can also recommend the modern lines. These include, for example, the Fuerstenberg dinner services by the Italian designer Carlo Dal Bianco. Also offering attractive new contours is the porcelain from the Victoria Luise series: delicate porcelain with a consummate design. The cooperation with the Sieger design experts has also helped inject innovative flair into the Fuerstenberg collection. You can read all about the Sieger by Fuerstenberg brand on the page dedicated to the company on the Artedona website.

As an official partner of Fuerstenberg, we can also provide you with any dinner service you desire from the Fuerstenberg collection.