Moser - Works of art made out of crystal

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Moser – uplifting spaces with the art of glass

In 2017, the famous bohemian crystal glass manufacturer Moser celebrated its 160th anniversary, making it one of the oldest glass manufactories in Europe. Based in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, the manufactory is world-renowned for its glass art. Every piece is produced by hand by a group of highly skilled artists, from designers and glassblowers to painters and engravers.

Lead-free crystal glass and a brilliant colour palette characterize Moser's creative glass objects. The extensive portfolio includes vases, sculptures and a wide variety of luxurious drinkware. Since Moser has long been producing lead-free crystal glass exclusively, the manufacturer has built an unrivalled know-how in colouring, cutting and engraving this demanding material.

Founder Ludwig Moser (1833 to 1916) started with a small store, where he focused on the art of glass engraving. Only a short time later, in 1893, he founded the Moser Crystal Glass Factory in the Bohemian spa town Karlovy Vary – where it still stands today.

Moser – The heritage of Bohemian glass art

Since 1863, Moser has been producing lead-free crystal glass only. It is more sustainable than lead crystal as it has no adverse effects on the environment nor on the artisans who work with it. However, it is also more difficult to process because it hardens very quickly and is extremely hard to cut. A challenge that leaves no traces behind – countless bevels, perfect lines and gravity-defying curves look like they were eternalized effortlessly in the pure crystal glass.

Moser’s artists still use wooden moulds made of fresh beechwood or pearwood to shape glass at temperatures around 1200° C, or about 2200° F – a special skill that has been passed down from one generation of Moser artisans to the next. The vast know-how of Bohemian glassmaking is the true treasure of the Moser manufactory; and it is up to the artisans to preserve and develop it further. This responsibility drives them to reach ever new heights of proficiency.

Each object is cut, polished and engraved by hand by masters of their craft. The engravings in particular have made lead-free crystal by Moser famous all around the world; the motifs are so three-dimensional that they seem to pop out of the smooth glass surface.

Naturally, perfection takes time. It can take weeks until one piece has been cut, polished, engraved and decorated to the high standards of Moser. No matter its size, each piece of Moser glassware is a work of art - far removed from everyday glasses, vases or candlesticks.

Unique colours inspired by gemstones

What truly propelled Moser’s crystal glassware into the royal houses of the world was the manufactory’s pioneering work in the production of coloured glass. A precise mix of rare earths and metal oxides is melted along with the crystal glass that lends it colour hues of selected gemstones. Moser’s unmistakable colour palette consists of subtle, almost intangible colours that change in intensity when the objects are turned and rotated.

Both classic and new collections, from “Lady Hamilton” to “Cubism”, are available in unique colours such as amethyst purple or emerald green on request. Fashion the perfect jewellery for your home with crystal glass by Moser.

Moser – accompanying the highlights of your life

Moser crystal glass is the right choice to honour any occasion. Royal families from all over the world have raised their gilded glasses by Moser in a toast to their wedding. Princes, princesses, Maharajas and stars such as Gerard Depardieu and Sharon Stone are among Moser's international clientele. Grand hotels also use Moser glasses, vases, table clocks, ashtrays, boxes, candlesticks and other accessories to uplift their interiors to the highest standards.

Despite its rich heritage, Moser always keeps moving forward. Along with time-honoured, gold-plated showpiece designs, you'll find equally modern creations such as deconstructive bowls, vases with trapped bubbles or glasses in watercolour hues. Whether classic or extravagant designs, Moser crystal glass is a timeless companion.