Moser - Works of art made out of crystal

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About the brand Moser

Celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2017, Moser Glassworks is renowned not just for its handmade-only glass art from master glassmakers, cutters, painters and engravers, but for being among the oldest manufacturers in Europe. Moser produces some of the most original, luxurious and beautiful handcrafted crystal in the world and is known for its handmade production, ecologically lead-free crystal and unmatched colours. Moser focuses exclusively on the production of crystal without lead, allowing for detailed cutting and engraving, especially in the colours of semi-precious stones. Each crystal product from Moser is original, with pieces including everything from barware sets and vases, to giftware and objects of art.

The company’s founder Ludwig Moser (1833–1916) started his business with a small shop, in which he focused on the art of engraving glass. Just a short time later, in 1893, he founded his own Moser glass manufactory in the small Czech town of Karlovy Vary, where it is still based today.

Moser: The art of glass blowing

Ludwig Moser did not produce just ordinary glass, but lead-free crystal that is both ecologically friendly and better for the health of the glass artists. Excellent quality and the artistic finish of the products explain why Moser now has outlets worldwide from Hong Kong to Venezuela, as well as in almost every country in Europe.

To this day, Moser still produces the wooden moulds from birch or pear tree wood. At 1200°, the glass blowers transform the molten glass into the most innovative shapes. This skill has been developed over the many years of the company’s history and passed on from generation to generation of glass blowers. This know-how represents an irreplaceable treasure that has to be carefully preserved. For Moser, the craft of glass-making quite naturally involves each object being painted, polished or engraved by hand. Moser has earned international fame for its engraving: it is so intricate and artistic that the motifs appear almost three-dimensional, seemingly reaching out from the flat surfaces of the glass - a manufacturing process that requires many months even for the smaller glass objects. That is why each piece from the Moser crystal glass manufacturer can be regarded as art - quite distinct from the everyday glasses, vases or candlesticks.

Moser colours seemingly inspired by precious stones

One of the reasons why Moser crystal glassware can be found in royal households around the world is thanks to the iridescent and extraordinary range of colours, which includes over 450 different shades! Moser has managed to produce colours that glisten in 1001 shades or shimmer with particular density. The colours from the glasses, vases or candle holders make dining tables look as if you have scattered them with a shower of precious stones. Not only opulent series such as “Lady Hamilton” from Moser can, if desired, be ordered in amethyst lilac or emerald green. Even the modern series “Cubism” is available in many colours and not just in the transparent version. Moser crystal glass objects will adorn your home regardless where they are placed.

Moser: Objects for life

Whenever you want to mark a special occasion, Moser’s crystal glass offers a fitting way to do so. That is why it is not just the world’s royal families who have clinked Moser glasses at their wedding or feted a special guest. The hand-gilded series such as “Paula” seem almost regal in the crystal glass variation. It is not surprising that besides princes, princesses and maharajas, Moser's international clientele also includes stars such as Gerard Depardieu and Sharon Stone. Grand hotels also use Moser glasses, vases, table clocks, ashtrays, containers, candleholders and other accessories. Besides the magnificent gilded designs, you will increasingly find modern designs, such as deconstructivist dishes, vases with encased air bubbles or glasses in watercolour style. Yet regardless whether of classic or more extravagant design, Moser's crystal glass objects are always timeless companions.