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Decor Walther
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About the brand Decor Walther

Decor Walther has always been a specialist, although when Harald Walther founded the company in Frankfurt in 1973, he specialised initially in brass handles and door fittings. However, as time went by, the entrepreneur discovered that despite the fact that there were plenty of exquisite articles for front doors, there was nothing on offer for bathrooms. Driven by curiosity and a pioneering spirit, Decor Walther developed into a bathroom fixtures and furnishings specialist. In the meantime its collection of products also includes bathroom accessories, furniture and even lighting for the entire home.

The top priority of the company remains as it has always been the focus on detail and the handmade quality of each of its products. To achieve this, Decor Walther collaborates with smaller manufacturers that produce less volume but whose products are imbued with traditional values. The goal of Decor Walther is the perfection of its products — and, as a result, loyal and satisfied customers.

Decor Walther: with the heart of a lion

This persistent striving and seeking to achieve the best product — and the pride in achieving this objective with many of the items in the collection — is symbolised in the brand’s emblem: a lion’s head.

The younger generation of the Walther family has been in charge for a number of years now, and under their management the Decor Walther company continues to convince customers with products that merit more than a passing interest. Rather than following trends, Decor Walther believes it is much more important to create lifelong companions. This is the philosophy behind classic bathroom fittings such as the “Steady” sculptural hand towel stand, the high gloss “Derby” chrome boxes or the elegantly reserved “Rotonda” soap dispenser. Nevertheless, the Zeitgeist occasionally produces some fascinating preferences such as the love for metallic colours or for fine porcelain items which are picked up and subtly integrated into the existing collection.

Decor Walther: The Material Wonderbox

The company’s original material of choice: precious metals, has grown to include a more colourful variety of materials: porcelain, wood, chrome, stainless steel, nylon and lacquer are just a few of the choices on Decor Walther’s list of materials. Each venture with a new material is placed under stringent scrutiny to see that it meets the highest quality standards because what counts for Decor Walther in the end is that one objective: to create timelessly beautiful designs for the bathroom.