J.L Coquet - Limoges porcelain since 1824

J.L Coquet
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J.L Coquet – the pure Limoges porcelain of the star chefs

East of Limoges lies the small town of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat. The J.L Coquet porcelain manufactory has been located here since 1824. Its workshop is nestled along the banks of the Vienne River, on which firewood used to arrive from the Massif Central in the South-East. This is where all the conditions come together to produce immaculate Limoges porcelain.

The pure kaolin, also known as porcelain clay, and the self-imposed demand for perfection in craftsmanship have made Limoges porcelain world-famous. J.L Coquet proudly carries on this heritage. Delicate, resilient, pure - the porcelain from J.L Coquet is among the best in the world. In addition, the manufactory knows how to craft exciting yet minimalist shapes with bold proportions – modern design, traditionally made by hand.

Porcelain by J.L Coquet – unique savoir-faire

In the meditative calm of the riverbank, the artisans of J.L Coquet have been practising their craft for generations. Kaolin, water, wood and invaluable knowledge are the foundations for their white gold.

The secret behind J.L Coquet's uniquely white porcelain is the quality of their porcelain paste. It is created on site in a traditional process during which it has to mature for up to three months in the cellars of the manufactory. A risky time investment, because the path from the blank to the finished object is long – but the result speaks for itself.

Another trademark of J.L Coquet is their contrast between glazed and satin-finished surfaces which gives the cold porcelain an organic warmth. The manufactory’s artisans brush a special mineral mask onto all parts of the unfinished porcelain objects that are to remain matt. When the blanks are immersed in the glaze bath, the glaze simply rolls off the masked surfaces.

During firing, the mineral mask forms a protective layer while preserving the biscuit-like appearance of the porcelain. The unmasked areas form a normal layer of shiny glaze. As a result, all surfaces of the finished plates, bowls and cups are equally durable and resilient.

Protected quality – guaranteed Made in France

Making matt surfaces just as resilient as glazed surfaces is only part of J.L Coquet's unique craftsmanship. In 2010, the manufactory was awarded the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV) or "Living Heritage" by the French government. This seal of quality is awarded to companies that embody French excellence with traditional craftsmanship.

In 2017, J.L Coquet obtained the newly established designation of origin "Porcelain from Limoges", in French " L'Identification Géographique 'Porcelaine de Limoges'". It guarantees that the production and decoration of the porcelain takes place entirely at the manufactory in the Département Haute-Vienne – 100% Made in France.

J.L Coquet – A favourite among star chefs

The purity, durability and design of J.L Coquet tableware have won over the world’s most famous chefs. Around the globe, exclusive restaurants and hotels serve exceptional haute cuisine on custom-made J.L Coquet tableware.

  • “Le Mandarin Oriental" in Paris led by chef Thierry Marx
  • “The Connaught" in London
  • “Alain Ducasse at Morpheus” in Macau
  • “L'Osier" in Tokyo led by chef Olivier Chaignon

The pure porcelain legend Hémisphère

The international superstar by J.L Coquet is the iconic Hémisphère collection. The collection’s main feature are fine grooves on satin-finished borders. Like rings around a planet, the matt grooves circle a brilliant glazed centre – the perfect stage for first-class culinary art.

Behind the effortless elegance of the minimalist dinnerware collection lies a tremendous amount of work. After forming the blanks, the artisans draw the delicate grooves into the unfired porcelain by hand before brushing the mineral mask onto them. In the end, more than twenty work steps go into each of the plates, cups and bowls in the Hémisphère collection.

The fascinating contrasts of matt and glazed as well as smooth and grooved give the collection an enormous recognition value. From the gourmet plate with a small centre to the teapot with a stainless steel handle to the magnetic "Slider" egg cup, from pure white to marine blue to noble gold or platinum – all shapes and designs in the Hémisphère collection are instantly recognisable and can be combined endlessly.

The Hémisphère dinner service is a playground for creative cooks, whether professional or private. The dinnerware presents your culinary creations with unequalled elegance and yet is easy to clean and maintain. Take your cooking to a new level with the Hémisphère collection – your guests will be delighted.

Air-filled Avant-garde – "Bubbles" by J.L Coquet

Another design icon by J.L Coquet are the "Bubble" bowls. The opulent bowls are ring-shaped hollow bodies; the outer circumference of the bowls remains the same, while only the centres vary in size – a guaranteed eye-catcher.

The impressive volume of the sculpture-like bowls gives them a weightless drama; they surround and embrace their contents like a cloud. Serve refined starters, soups, main courses or desserts in the "Bubble" bowls – the unusual design offers complete freedom.

The "Bubble" bowls are available in many different colours and with or without the Hémisphère groove pattern. "Bubble" and "Hémisphère" make the perfect duo – combine them to your liking for a top-class culinary experience.