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About the brand L'Objet

Artedona presents the American brand L’Objet, which manufactures wonderful accessories for the dining table. Picture frames, scented candles and office accessories also belong to the innovative L’Objet collection.

The story of L’Objet sounds like a modern fairytale: The young interior designer Elad Yifrach founded his label L’Objet in Beverly Hills in 2004 in order to pursue his passion for beautiful things. Even before Yifrach had printed the first business cards, he flew with his first collection in his luggage to New York in order to present his designs to the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman – whose manager wanted the pieces straight away. Now, almost ten years later, L’Objet is a fast-growing company – and Elad Yifrach is living his dream.

L’Objet: Craft with a modern interpretation

Elad Yifrach has always been enamoured with the Mediterranean area, especially France and Italy and their rich design history. He was fascinated by their traditional craftsmanship and how these traditions were passed down. His picture frames, napkin rings, place card holders, salt & pepper shakers … - in other words the entire L’Objet collection – is a tribute to this region, but also a respectful step forward. Elad Yifrach and his team constantly endeavour to produce materials in shapes and designs that have never been seen before. The first reaction to these ideas from many manufacturers was naturally always: “That won’t work!” - but Elad Yifrach would not give up: He has pushed traditional production techniques to their limits – and attained exceptional results.

L’Objet: Luxury accessories in a new dimension

That is how the "Crocodile” office accessories have come to have the look and feel of crocodile leather, although they are made of porcelain. The “Coral" bookends look as though they are made of real coral when they are actually made of gemstones. When you hold the handle of the “Gecko" magnifying glass, you could easily think that you are holding on to the leathery, scaly tail of a lizard, although it is actually made of metal. These fascinating features are shared by all of the L'Objet pieces, regardless whether picture frames, napkin rings, place card holders or salt & pepper shakers, and use the skills of traditional crafts. This is how, for example, the team from L’Objet has managed to make the picture frames glisten as though they are studded with diamonds. It does not matter how small the object is, their structure colour and shape is so exceptional that it makes you catch your breath.

L’Objet: Quality from a time gone by

Every element of the collection from L’Objet aims to unite a certain design standard with craftsmanship and above all a very high level of quality. That is why all of the pieces are manufactured by hand by master craftsmen. That is what secures their unique impression and superior finish. The objects from L’Objet make wonderful gifts. They appear to be a classic piece of design history, yet they are created in the here and now. Perhaps that it the real talent of Elad Yifrach: the fact that he manages to unite the virtuosity of the golden era of craft with the magic of modern times. Quality, original designs, vibrant colours, exceptional shapes and refined details are what distinguish the L’Objet collection.