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Hering Berlin
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About the brand Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin has been synonymous with modern porcelain since 1992. Using clear shapes and elegant purism, the Berlin designer, Stefanie Hering, has introduced completely new ways to work with this traditional material. In particular, the clever interplay of glaze and matt biscuit is one of the key signature tunes of the ever-expanding dinnerware range. In February 2010, Hering Berlin has launched its own glass collection, revealing the elegant and reduced artistic style of the designer Stefanie Hering.

In February 2012, Hering Berlin presented the company's first glassware collection: the mouth-blown glass mirrors the elegant and reduced style of the designer Stefanie Hering, and thus perfectly complements the porcelain dinner services produced by the famous Hering Berlin manufactory.

Poetry, purism, porcelain - Hering Berlin

"Purism and poetry" direct the design philosophy of porcelain manufacturer Hering Berlin. Already voted the "saviour of the dining table" by the press, its designer Stefanie Hering, a "porcelain visionary", has quickly built up an extraordinary reputation for the relatively young company. The gourmet "Feinschmecker" magazine writes of "purist design with a sensuous touch" when describing Hering's work. The talented artist herself highlights the effect of the "understatement": "My porcelain may occasionally make a reserved entrance, but it knows how to make its presence felt" (Stefanie Hering). The Reichenbach manufactory in Thuringia ensures that the designs by Hering Berlin are perfectly implemented. Regardless whether in glazed porcelain or biscuit porcelain, these unique pieces are produced completely by hand.

Biscuit porcelain: Hering Berlin

Purist design, exciting combinations and crafted perfection are what distinguish the aesthetically pleasing porcelain pieces of Hering Berlin. The designer Stefanie Hering's company specializes in porcelain in its purest, unglazed form: the so-called biscuit porcelain. The great thing about biscuit porcelain is that it is appears both fragile and delicate, but is actually extremely stable, according to Stefanie Hering. The Berlin designer presents the traditional material with a combination of innovative ideas and a special air of elegance. Celebrities of the ilk of Nicole Kidman or guests at gourmet restaurants, such as the restaurant of star chef Dieter Müller on the cruise ship MS Europa, dine from Hering Berlin porcelain.

Versatile porcelain - from gourmet restaurant to garden barbecue party

The trained ceramist emphasizes the versatility of her porcelain tableware. She is aware that a cup she would use to drink tea from may well be filled with barbecue sauce in Los Angeles. Stefanie Hering is not dogmatic in questions of style. She points out that just as it is possible to buy a complete dinner service, it is also possible to combine different designs from her collection. Individual pieces can equally well be presented in special arrangements or in simple settings.

Crystal glass from Hering Berlin: intoxicating experiences

For some years, Stefanie Hering has also been creating impressive crystal glass designs that mirror her distinctive style. The Theresienthal glassworks in Germany produce the glasses for the prize-winning designer. Hering Berlin consciously focuses on "an uncompromising approach in producing and achieving the elegance of forms" in her work. "Vogue" magazine confirms the success of this approach and ensured its readers that even drinking water became an intoxicating experience when it was served in a Hering Berlin glass.

Hering Berlin Porcelain art from East Berlin coveted worldwide

Of all places, it was in the East Berlin of the early1990s that Stefanie Hering began her successful career as a designer. She began with lanterns made of biscuit porcelain, which were admired for the impressive lightness they exuded. They even caught the eye of the museum shop of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. These days, Hering Berlin porcelain art, from which one can dine so perfectly, is delivered to over 20 countries around the world.