Comeback of the house bar

For hobby barkeepers and keen vinologists

It is only with refined bar accessories, attractive wine accessories or smoking accessories that one can really cultivate this "bar at home" culture. With Artedona's select choice for the ambitious house bar, you can celebrate the culture of life at a high level, be it with an extravagant Champagne cooler or a lithely shaped shaker, a special ashtray or the colourful sommelier knife from Forge de Laguiole.

Cocktail glamour

Bar & Wine

A popular present and as a rich addition to one's own collection, the successful set of wine aromas "Le Nez du Vin" is the ideal school for ongoing wine connoisseurs or hobby sommeliers wishing to show off their skills in wine tasting. Besides the common aromas of white wine or red wine, they offer the possibility to identify the "false" aromas, which do not actually belong to wine at all. A different kind of olfactory training is offered by our collection of 36 characteristic coffee aromas in small glass flacons.
For hobby barkeepers and keen vinologists, we have a range of exquisite wine utensils: decanters to let the wine breathe, a silver wine thermometer from Ercuis or extraordinarily fine wine stoppers, as well as a whole range of excellent Champagne coolers and equally cool ice buckets. It is irrelevant whether you prefer red wine or white wine or in fact prefer to refresh yourself with Champagne and sweet wines.
There is also the perfect selection available for the smoking room, with a precious humidor in eccentric Che Guevara design, with futuristic-type cigar cutters or a generously sized cigar ashtray. Glamorous cigar culture for tobacco fans.
Equip your house bar in a practical but classy fashion. This means including elegant vessels for ice cubes as well as opulent decanters and wine coolers, imposing wine sets, remarkable wine aromas, practical shakers and cocktail straws, delicate but gripping ice tongs and distinctive, silverplated dishes.