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About the brand Herend

The Hungarian porcelain and china manufactory Herend, locally known as Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra, is one of Europe’s most respected manufacturers of “white gold”. Herend produces many classic designs dating back to the nineteenth century – all of which continue to be handcrafted and to enjoy great success on the market. The porcelain collection includes for example the “Gödöllo” dinner service, a design which Franz Joseph I of Austria once presented to his wife "Sissi". Prominent customers of the manufactory based near Lake Baleton range from personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Japanese Emperor Akihito. It is not only the special beauty of the Herend porcelain that makes it so fascinating. It is entirely produced by hand and each piece is lovingly painted by the Herend porcelain artists.

Herend was founded in 1826. Shortly afterwards, the Austrian, Hungarian and Russian monarchs were regular customers of the manufactory. The ties to the British royal family are also legendary. In 1851, Queen Victoria was attracted to the Chinese-styled dinner service that Herend had on show at the World Exhibition in London. The British Queen bought not an insignificant number of pieces. The porcelain was called Victoria in her honour. The dinner service still remains one of the most well-known and popular creations of the Herend company.

Later, Princess Diana became a Herend fan and became an enthusiastic collector of porcelain figures from the Hungarian manufacturer. To mark the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, Herend created a new version of the classic "Victoria" design in 2011. This masterpiece of Hungarian porcelain craftsmanship, which is adorned with peonies and butterflies is called “Royal Garden” and is available from Artedona.