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About the brand Saint-Louis

The Saint-Louis Cristallerie is one of the most prestigious crystal glass manufacturers in the world. Besides well-known glassware such as Bubbles, Tommy and Excess, Saint-Louis also produces vases, original crystal glass accessories as well as wonderful chandeliers by hand. Saint-Louis developed intricate techniques, including the etching and engraving décor as well as the double overlay technique for manufacturing coloured glass

The history of Saint-Louis

In 1586, a glassworks was established in Münzthal in Alsace-Lorraine. Two centuries later, in 1767, King Louis XV gave permission for it to become the “Royal Glassworks" and shortly afterwards “Saint-Louis“ was added to its name. In 1781, the glassworks became the first in continental Europe to produce lead crystal. Saint-Louis then received the official title “Cristallerie”. Since 1995, Cristallerie Saint-Louis has been part of the famous French Hermès Group. Today Saint-Louis has a fascinating repertoire of styles and artistic glass creations that are very richly and intricately decorated.

Since May 2007, the company has set up a permanent exhibition on the company grounds, which provides a representative overview of three hundred years of Saint-Louis glass in its crystal museum "La Grande Place". The Postmodern-style museum has been integrated into the historical buildings of the manufactory.

The fine art of glass and crystal manufacture

Over the years, the Saint-Louis manufactory has developed numerous new techniques. These include filigree work, hand-painted ornaments, the etching and engraving décor as well as the double overlay technique for manufacturing coloured glass. The 24-carat gold décor and engravings are also very typical features of crystal glassware from Saint Louis.

The production process is also extremely demanding: Each Saint-Louis glass goes through the hands of several master glass-blowers and engravers. For example: 24 people – 9 for the glass and 15 for the engraving and décor - a re occupied with a set of Batholdi Gold.