Artel - modern crystal glass from Prague

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Traditionally unconventional - Bohemian Crystal Glass by Artel

Artel is reinterpreting Bohemian crystal glass since 1998. The company in Prague has been turning heads with unusual graphic designs on handmade, 100% lead-free crystal glass.

Mouth-blown and hand-cut barware, stemware and decorative objects combine sophisticated aesthetics and uncompromising quality with functionality suitable for everyday use. This is how Artel creates luxury based on tradition for a new generation.

The mastermind of Artel is the American designer Karen Feldman. The trained concept photographer creates virtually all designs herself. Czech master glassworkers use all their know-how to realise Feldman's innovative visions. The results are fresh crystal glass creations that delight a growing clientele worldwide.

From shampoo start-up to crystal glass manufacturer

Karen Feldman travelled to the Czech Republic in 1994 to help with a friend's shampoo start-up. However, the company soon dropped the shampoo and switched to trading chickens. That’s when Feldman decided to leave the start-up and stay in Prague to pursue her artistic visions.

The trained concept photographer had fallen in love with Bohemian crystal glass. Unfortunately, her job applications to Czech glass manufacturers went unanswered. But as fortune favours the bold, she decided to open her own glass finishing business in 1998: Artel.

Her concept was to bring the traditional craft of Bohemian crystal glass to an American audience with a new design language. Her crystal glass creations convinced not only American audiences; her audacious design studio quickly advanced to become a globally coveted luxury brand in just a few years.

It didn’t take long for many coveted luxury brands to become aware of Feldman’s creations. Rolls-Royce offers optional Artel bar equipment since 2005. Armani and Manolo Blahnik are among the names who have ordered "private label" designs.

Collections such as "Barnyard Collection", "Cabinet of Curiosities" and "African Safari" regularly win design awards like the "German Design Award" and the "Tableware International Award of Excellence".

The Artel heritage

The name Artěl derives from a famous cooperative of Czech artists. From 1908 to 1935, the group established a modern aesthetic in applied art with bold cubist designs.

Their call for a "cultivated lifestyle for all" and their rejection of industrial production methods appealed not only to the artists’ contemporaries. When Feldman learned about the group, she too identified with their ideals and decided to give the name a new life.

Traditional craftsmanship with new ideas

Today, Artel stands for handmade luxury glassware between Czech tradition and modern artistic sensibility. Artel only refines Bohemian crystal glass, which is produced under the highest quality standards. Whether whiskey tumbler or champagne flute, all pieces are mouth-blown, hand-refined and made of lead-free crystal glass.

Experienced Czech artisans cut and engrave Feldman's designs freehand into the glass. Even the most elaborate decorations are created with nothing but hand-drawn pre-markings. The most detailed motifs require up to 48 hours of work.

Opulent gilded designs require a particularly great deal of time and skill. The highly detailed engravings make the manual application of gold and platinum with fine brushes challenging even for expert glass refiners.

Artel surprises

At Artel, engravings take centre stage: from astronauts to lobsters and flowers to abstract designs like "Arabesque", Artel's imagination knows no bounds. Collections with dogs, Chinese zodiac signs or athletes from the 1920s are simply fun – and unique to Artel.

Artel also offers a great variety of shapes. Barware items include cocktail and cognac glasses, tumblers, highball glasses and decanters. Champagne flutes, wine glasses and goblets are available with or without stem. Bowls in many shapes and sizes, plates and vases complement their extensive range.

Create your own Artel glassware

Our pre-selection has inspired you to create your own design piece? Artel offers a high degree of customisability. Choose a shape, a motif and a colour from the Artel catalogue and Artel will make your personal dream object come true. We will be happy to advise you by e-mail at service@artedona.com or by telephone at +49 (89) 45 69 20 66, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 7 pm CET.