Artel - modern crystal glass from Prague

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About the brand Artel

Artel glasses are viewed today as trendsetters for the Czech crystal-glass craft. American designer Karen Feldman founded the crystal manufacturer Artel in Prague in 1997. She hired only the best glass blowers and engravers and developed a collection with innovative design ideas that today is viewed as a trendsetter for the Czech crystal-glass craft. Thereby Artel focuses on top quality: each Artel glass is manufactured entirely by hand and is, therefore, unique. The entire Artel glass collection can be ordered at Artedona.

For the design of her Artel glasses, Feldman took her cues from the Bohemian glassware of the „golden age“ of the early 20th century. The resulting Artel glass collection includes both modern graphical designs, such as "Mod", "Weave" and "Herringbone", as well as playful classic designs with leaves and animals, such as "Sea Life", "Bug" and "Safari".

As an accredited retail partner of Artel, we can provide you with any glassware from the entire Artel collection, even if it is not currently available on our website. Please call us or send us an e-mail should you have any questions about these products.