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About the brand Missoni Home

Missoni Home - From zigzag pattern to trademark

Unmistakable Missoni! Only a few brands have established such a recognizable style over decades as the Italian fashion empire. The colourful Missoni zigzag patterns, stripes and flower prints are the trademark of the famous family business. After the Missoni Home Collection was introduced in the 1980s, the colourful Missoni lifestyle also moved into the home and conquered the bathroom and spa areas of houses and holiday homes worldwide in addition to the living room and bedroom.

Missoni Home - Luxury for your home

In the form of cushions, throws, bedspreads and floor cushions, Missoni Home's products will enhance any living room or bedroom in no time at all. From the unmistakable zigzag pattern to flower prints and imaginative butterflies - every Missoni Home design is a treat for the eyes and an enrichment for the interior. The colours of the legendary Missoni patterns are sometimes strong, courageous and full of joie de vivre, at other times finely tuned natural tones ensure warm elegance and classic aesthetics.

The Missoni look for the bathroom

The luxurious Missoni Home bathroom accessories also offer an elegant update for your bathroom. With their lively Missoni designs, towels, bath mats and bathrobes will put you in a good mood and impress you with good quality and fluffy and absorbent materials.

The Missoni Home story

The Missoni Home Collection was launched in 1983 and has been managed by Rosita Missoni since 1997. At that time, the grande dame of Italian fashion and founder of the Missoni fashion label actually wanted to go into well-deserved retirement. She had previously handed over the management of the company to her sons Vittorio and Luca and appointed her daughter Angela as creative director. But after a few weeks she came back and took care of the Missoni Home Collection as Creative Director. Rosita Missoni proved that the fabulous Missoni fashion patterns enrich any interior with elegance and refinement.

Variable patterns in ever new variations

Today, Rosita Missoni, over 80, is still responsible for the look of Missoni Home's home accessories and terry towelling. She never runs out of ideas for ever new variations of zigzag, striped or flower designs. "These are endlessly variable patterns," Rosita Missoni once said in an interview. The patterns she loves, which are not least the formula for Missoni Home's success. "Design and style are important even to young people today, as I can see from my grandchildren. Interior has become fashion."

How Missoni's success began

The history of the Missoni Home brand goes back to 1948, when 16-year-old Rosita meets her future husband Ottavio. In 1953 they founded a couture house in Lombardy, not far from the cloth factory of Rosita's grandparents, where as a young child Rosita was already playing with fabric remnants, yarn reels and embroidery. The Missonis celebrated their first great success when they presented their first Missoni collection in 1966. From now on, the colourful zigzag pattern appears more and more frequently on the cover pages of international fashion magazines. Knitwear, until then the epitome of stuffness, suddenly became chic. When US vogue made the label famous, it first conquered the USA and then captivated fashion enthusiasts all over the world. In 1979 Missoni launches the first men's collection. This was followed by Missoni collections for fragrances, accessories, beachwear, children's fashion and finally, in 1983, the Missoni Home Collection.