"Monofiori Balloton" vase, h 12,5 cm, turquoise by Venini

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Product characteristics:

  • H5'', ø 4¼''
  • Murano glass, handcrafted
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  • H5'', ø 4¼''
  • Murano glass, handcrafted
Venini’s "Monofiori Balloton" vases in turquoise are an absolute classic from Venini. A distinctive feature of the wide-bellied Murano glass vase is the red line around its neck. The coloured glass ring is a result of the so-called "Balloton" technique. In order to produce it, a glass thread is applied when hot on the top of the "Monofiori Balloton" Venini vase. This forms a pretty contrast to the round-shaped body of the Murano glass vase.

What makes Venini glass so special are the many colours with which the Venetian glass manufacturer produces its high-quality Murano glass. Achieving the superior colouring of Murano glass, demands the utmost precision of the Venini glass blowers when putting together the various constituents. These traditional techniques of glass manufacture represent a skill no longer learned by many glass blowers today.

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