"Vanity" decorative tray with leather handles, chrome/black by Riviere

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Product characteristics:

  • 12½'' x 6¼''
  • Lacquered wood, hand braided leather railing, chrome-plated brass, completely handmade in Italy
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  • 12½'' x 6¼''
  • Lacquered wood, hand braided leather railing, chrome-plated brass, completely handmade in Italy
The beautiful "Vanity" bath accessories from Riviere are produced by hand in careful craftsmanship and with close attention to detail. Each individual item is, of itself, a real eye-catcher, and together they form a wonderful set of accessories for your bathroom. The "Vanity" bath accessories include:

  • 4-piece "Vanity" bathroom set: the three lacquered boxes are suitable for storing little bath utensils. Two of the boxes have lids made of leather. The lacquered tray with a leather railing and small chrome feet serves as a very elegant frame for the boxes.
  • Decorative "Vanity" tray with leather handles: coatings of lacquer applied by hand give the tray a refined elegance. The railing is made of fine, braided calf leather. Small chrome feet raise the tray slightly from the surface on which it is standing.
  • Leather "Vanity" box: this large leather box is most suitable for the storage of bath utensils which need to be readily to hand. The longer, outer walls of the leather box are padded and quilted.
  • Leather "Vanity" mirror: the foot of the mirror is lacquered whereas the frame and the rear of the frame are made of leather. The position of the mirror can be adjusted precisely using the chrome rings on the sides. No magnifying mirror.

Sets of "Vanity" bath accessories are available in the colours ivory, taupe and black. Please note that these bath accessories from Riviere should be protected from constant humidity.
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