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Bed linen by Christian Fischbacher

Admittedly, it is initially not very easy to fall asleep in bed linen from Christian Fischbacher. Most people just won’t want to close their eyes. The Swiss textile manufacturer Christian Fischbacher produces bed linen of the finest quality. The company’s fanciful designs such as "Splash", "Engadina" or "Avantgardening" beg to be contemplated for hours. The abstract patterns are no less inspiring. Even the plain-coloured lines enthral the beholder with their inimitable colours and the fascinating composition of the fabric.

Regardless whether patterned or plain-coloured, of fine cotton sateen, jersey, percale cotton, poplin, linen or half-linen, or with hemstitch, braid, or hand-embroidery, the fantastic choice of bed linen at Christian Fischbacher makes one want to change the bed all the time.