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About the brand Cristal et Bronze

The French manufacturer Cristal et Bronze has become synonymous for pure luxury and perfect craftsmanship in the bathroom. In 1937 the exclusive bathroom brand was started by a Parisian antique dealer. Within a few years, he developed a name for Cristal et Bronze with the company's magnificent and extravagant bathroom fittings, wash basins and bathroom accessories. Cristal et Bronze is still based in the vicinity of Paris, in the small French town of Château-Landon.

The top priority of Cristal et Bronze is the focus on high-quality materials and completely handcrafted products. Traditional techniques and manufacturing processes play a key role in this respect. Innovative and modern creations are also important for the French manufacturer Cristal et Bronze. Consequently the collection of this exclusive brands includes both ornate and modern lines.

Obsidienne by Cristal et Bronze

The “Obsidienne” line from Cristal et Bronze is very exclusive. In this exceptional line, Cristal et Bronze brings together shiny chrome with the dark-coloured semi-precious obsidian. Obsidian is a volcanic glass, which develops when lava rock has cooled over a period of many years. Even the Ancient Egyptians liked this special raw material. This glass is quite rare and thus out of the ordinary. Highly polished, each product from the “Obsidienne” series from Cristal et Bronze displays a very individual colour and texture.

The products we present here are only a selection from the large Cristal et Bronze collection. If you are interested in a different product or finishing surface from Cristal et Bronze, we are happy to provide you with assistance. Besides a chrome-plated surface, Cristal et Bronze offers many surfaces such as nickel, (24 carat) gold, bronze and copper.

Cristal et Bronze – bathroom accessories for luxury hotels and yachts

If you opt for the bathroom accessories of Cristal et Bronze, you join a sophisticated group of customers. Products from Cristal et Bronze can be found in numerous luxury hotels around the world. Products from the French brand also adorn the facilities on various luxury yachts.