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Forge de Laguiole
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About the brand Forge de Laguiole

The small French town of Laguiole in Auvergne is famous for its ingenious cutlers. “Laguiole” is also the name the French use for this traditional pocket knife, which was first manufactured in the nineteenth century. Forge de Laguiole combines the long tradition of manufacturing high-quality cutting tools with the modern creations of well-known designers: such as Philippe Starck, Jean-Michel Wilmotte or Andrée Putman. Even fashion designer Sonia Rykiel was enticed into designing an extravagant artwork in knife form.

Laguiole knife: Beware of imitations

Many knives brandish the Laguiole name. However, only a few actually come from the famous town or meet the high requirements of a Laguiole blade. The high-quality knives with this traditional name are manufactured in Laguiole itself - and the quality of the Forge de Laguiole knives from these cutlers is particularly high.

Forge de Laguiole: Knives between tradition and modern design

Forge de Laguiole offers a fascinating range of table knives. Some are decorated with ebony handles, others with acrylic glass handles embedded with gold or silver sequins. Equally enticing are the brightly coloured sommelier knives or razor-sharp steak knives - classically elegant from Philippe Starck or as a modern fluorescent gourmet knife from Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Those who find such fancy plastic handles too flamboyant tend to go for items like the carving set which has juniper wood handles.

Blades from Forge de Laguiole are very flexible and sharp. The knives do not rust and can be easily sharpened. That is possible because the cutlers use T12 steel for the blade – a steel which was specially developed for this purpose.

Sharp blades: Completely handcrafted knives from Laguiole

As in the past, each knife is the product of one cutler. Their intricate handcraftsmanship produces works of art. More than forty individual steps are necessary to create a modern “Laguiole”. The blades from Forge de Laguiole are even polished and washed by hand.

The craftsmen used to decorate their knives with emblems such as shells or animals’ heads. Based on this tradition, the popular bee emblem often adorns the knives of cutlers from the Forge de Laguiole region. They can be found on sharply styled steak knives, elegant pocket knives, sophisticated table knives or distinctly original carving knives. Discover for yourself the variety of our high-quality knives from the French cutlers Forge de Laguiole.