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Katrin Leuze

About the brand Katrin Leuze

Katrin Leuze: The queen of softness

Designer Katrin Leuze creates and produces fine knitted products and accessories using high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk and merino wool. Her personalised cushions and blankets are one of our most popular products.

If a “comfort expert” were to be elected in Germany, then it would be Katrin Leuze. The designer has been designing knitted blankets and cushions, hot water bottles and relax sets since 1999. Their hallmark: every Katrin Leuze product is simply inimitably soft. That is what makes Katrin Leuze so original: she locates the softest cashmere fabrics, wonderfully warming merino wool, snuggly silk and satin…

Katrin Leuze Collection: Soft through care

Yet Katrin Leuze does not just rely on fabric qualities, special care is taken during the manufacturing process. Much of the work is done in the company’s own facilities near Stuttgart, and the rest is done in other skilled production sites in Europe. Real fur or real feathers are also used for the Katrin Leuze blankets and cushions. Katrin Leuze works with well-known furriers that have many years of experience in their craft. The designer works on the principle that it takes great care to produce such cosy items.

Katrin Leuze blankets and cushions: A gift of well-being

Katrin Leuze avoids overly stylistic touches. The fine material and how it is gently worked into a blanket should be convincing enough. A “comfort expert”, Katrin Leuze constantly endeavours to mix a bit of cloud number nine feeling into her products.