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About the brand Koch & Bergfeld

The Koch & Bergfeld silversmiths have been manufacturing high-quality silver cutlery since 1829. The Bremen-based company is one of Germany oldest operating silver manufacturers. German embassies order their silver cutlery from Koch & Bergfeld, for example, as do gourmet chefs, aristocrats and diplomats, all of whom love the classic and timeless design of the silver flatware. The style ranges from the legendary “Fiddle”, the classic “Continental Thread” and “Filet” through to the famous “Belle Epoque”. For a spoon alone, 28 different steps are required to achieve the perfect shape and engraving. The process for a fork demands 32 steps.

Koch & Bergfeld: elegant silver cutlery from Germany

You can choose either from the luxury brand’s classic silver cutlery or you may decide to opt for Koch & Bergfeld’s no less beautiful silverplated collection of flatware. For further information, please contact us. Spoons, forks and knives from the traditional silversmiths from Bremen are a worthy investment in the art of sophisticated dining.