Porthault - Luxury French linens

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About the brand Porthault

The French brand Porthault is famous all over the world for its elegant and high quality bed- and table linen collections. In Paris during the 1920s, the company founders Madeleine and Daniel Porthault were the first to offer colourful printed bed linen. Their products revolutionised the world of bed linen because until then everybody had used the standard pure white bed linen. For their colourful designs, the Porthault couple took their inspiration from the wonderful paintings produced during the Impressionist period. In addition to the printed bed linen, Madeleine and Daniel Porthault also decided to focus on embroidered bed linen featuring antique-style, ornamental patterns.

International stars like Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Coco Chanel were among the early enthusiasts of the original and at the time revolutionary bed linen. After only a short time Porthault bed linen earned acclaim not only in Paris. Since the company was founded, it has supplied many of Europe’s royal households with its bed linen and also the French presidents in the Elysée Palace. Porthault’s bed linen, with its filigree, golden embroidery and tremendous love for detail, guarantees that you will sleep feeling like royalty.

Porthault: Luxury table linen from France

In addition to luxury bed linen, Madeleine and Daniel Porthault soon began to produce the finest table linen. In the meantime, the French brand Porthault has risen to become an international luxury brand for bed and table linen. Then as now, the focus is on the use of high-quality materials and handicraft. Partly done by hand and partly by machine, the embroidery is done on high-quality linen, cotton or silk fabrics. More than 60 colours of thread are used to create these unique masterpieces.

The Porthault table linen collections feature classic and graphic patterns as well as original floral designs. The wonderful designs for Porthault bed linen and Porthault table linen are developed in Porthault’s creative studios in Paris. The French brand surprises on a regular basis with its new and innovative designs. If one adds up all the designs, including those kept in the archives of Porthault, it produces the incredible figure of 15,000 designs and embroidery motifs.

Impossible is not a word that exists in the vocabulary of Porthault. If desired, this established Parisian company produces customised editions, tailored to meet the exact wishes of individual customers. The high-quality printing process ensures such good results that bed linen from Porthault can last a lifetime. To this day, Porthault still produces its bed linen in small manufactories in France.