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Reflections Copenhagen
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Reflections Copenhagen – Crystal glass décor of touching beauty

It's time for a change in style. Reflections Copenhagen challenges the conventions and traditions of current home decor. Their hand-cut crystal glass objects define a new balance between art, decoration and function. Discover innovative possibilities for your interior design with crystal glass by Reflections Copenhagen.

Forward-thinking Danish design

Behind Reflections Copenhagen are the two Danish designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson. They joined forces in 2014 when they discovered a mutual need for exciting, unconventional crystal glass décor. Their works counter the current trend of minimalism with their own style of audacious and sophisticated maximalism.

Their designs are inspired by the bold forms of Art Deco and the finesse of classical architecture. They fuse geometric elements of intensely coloured cut crystal glass into unique compositions and set accents with subtle satin ornaments.

The two Danish designers transform their historically inspired objects into contemporary sculptures with innovative colour palettes that play with a wide range of emotions. Gradations of transparency make the décor interact with its surroundings – they adapt to different room settings and reveal ever new ways of expression.

Dynamic reflections, highlights and shadows are created between the smooth surfaces, deep colours and clear lines. New effects and hues reveal themselves from all angles – the perfect combination of décor and art for a new style of interior design.

Powerful, sensual, enduring

Reflections Copenhagen realises its innovative designs through impeccable craftsmanship. Using traditional techniques, artisans handcraft high-quality crystal glass into solid decorative objects with sensual aesthetics. The collections include bookends, bowls, flacons, scented candles, tea light holders, trays, vases and much more.

The contrast between sensitive material and powerful design gives the decorative objects by Reflections Copenhagen a distinctive personality. The geometric elements come together seamlessly, overcome their fragility and fill the room with an intense presence. No matter how big or small - décor by Reflections Copenhagen is an eye-catcher.

Despite its strength, crystal glass by Reflections Copenhagen exudes a playful elegance and sensuality. The key are the sophisticated colour palettes. Deep dark shades sit next to soft vintage colours; smart combinations of hues sometimes appear feminine, sometimes masculine. Décor by Reflections Copenhagen adds drama and glamour to every interior.

The idea of sustainability is deeply anchored in the design philosophy of Reflections Copenhagen. Sophisticated and functional, high-quality and dignified, novel yet grounded in tradition – all decorative objects by Reflections Copenhagen are designed to last for generations.