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Samuel Heath
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About the brand Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath: Luxury in the bathroom

Samuel Heath is an English manufacturer of exclusive bathroom accessories and fittings. The headquarters of Samuel Heath is in Birmingham. The company, specialised in luxurious bathroom accessories, has a long tradition. The brand was founded in 1820. Over the years, Samuel Heath has grown to become a successful international brand for bathroom accessories and bathroom fittings.

Samuel Heath’s top priority is the focus on craftsmanship. This involves traditional and time-honoured skills. The development of new products and designs takes several months – sometimes even years. But it is not only beautiful design that plays an important role at Samuel Heath. All the accessories for the bathrooms should be functional and made of the finest materials. In order to show consideration to the environment, the focus of production is on sustainability and efficiency. All the Samuel Heath products are produced exclusively in England. At least 28 production steps are necessary to complete an article.

Samuel Heath: Bathroom accessories with ten years guarantee.

The Samuel Heath bathroom accessories in our collection are chrome-plated. Each product is first highly polished to attain a totally smooth surface. This is followed by the chromium-plating. The electroplating process begins with an initial coating of copper, followed by a coating of nickel and then a hard polished chrome finish. The result is a durable chrome surface with a radiant lustre. Samuel Heath offers a ten-year guarantee on all chrome-plated articles. Apart from chrome, Samuel Heath offers many other surface structures, such as stainless steel, polished brass or matt black chrome. We are happy to assist you in your choice.

Samuel Heath continuously invests in new technologies and special designs, in order to offer its customers only the best in the area of bathroom fittings. Many luxury hotels and interior designers take advantage of the good quality and long life of the Samuel Heath products.