Waterford - Crystal design from Ireland


About the brand Waterford

Waterford is an Irish crystal glass manufacturer named after the town in which it originated. Waterford Crystal was founded by William and George Penrose in 1783. To this day, the Irish glass manufacturer remains true to its traditional values. Tasteful design, highest standards and beautiful glass colours: these are the qualities that have enabled Waterford Crystal to build up an excellent reputation as a good crystal glass manufacturer. Waterford exports a large proportion of its products to countries all over the world. Irish crystal glasses are very popular, especially in America.

Transforming the raw materials of glass (quartz sand, soda, limestone, potash and lead) into Waterford crystal glass demands a high level of expertise. The skill required to be able to blow and cut glass requires years of training and apprenticeship. Waterford’s cut crystal glass refracts the light in an inimitable fashion. The secret is in the mixture of metal oxides such as lead and potassium added to the raw materials. They increase the refraction of the light. Thus, when the glass is later cut and polished, it sparkles like a diamond.

"Lismore" from Waterford is one of the renowned company’s most successful lines. Waterford Crystal used different cutting techniques for its crystal glasses. Probably the most well-known - the diamond cut - can be seen in many of the collections. Besides classic glass series, the Waterford Crystal brand also offers accessories made of crystal glass - such as table clocks, lamps, bowls and paperweights. In addition to its traditional cut crystal glass, Waterford has kept up with the spirit of the times and worked together with respected designers such as John Rocha and Jasper Conran.

The industrial and harbour town of Waterford is located in the south-east of Ireland and is now famous around the world for its Waterford Crystal. Its glassmaking expertise draws many visitors to the little town. The Waterford Crystal factory ranks as one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world and receives visitors interested in touring the manufactory every day.