"Artedona" plate dividers, d 24 cm, 60 pieces

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Product characteristics:

  • ø 9½''
  • 100% tissue paper, 12 ply
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  • ø 9½''
  • 100% tissue paper, 12 ply
We have your plates covered: Our round "Artedona" plate dividers protect decorated plates from scratches while stored. Simply place the extra thick tissue paper dividers between your plates when stacking. The dividers prevent them from touching and scratching each other. Simple and ingenious – the basic equipment for smart storage of high-quality tableware.

Whether porcelain, faience or earthenware, ceramic plates are hard enough to damage each other when they collide. When you put them in stacks, the foot of the top plate can scratch the surfaces and décors of the plate below. Especially delicate precious metal decorations made of gold and platinum can be damaged in this way. On vehicles like ships, yachts and planes, the vibrations and movements can also cause damage if the plates sit directly on top of each other. At 12 layers, our plate dividers add enough padding to have a shock-absorbing effect and prevent superficial damage.

The plate dividers are completely made of 12-ply tissue paper and decorated with a discreet Artedona imprint. The soft material is tear-resistant, shock-proof, hygienic and space-saving. If a divider gets dirty or torn, you can dispose of it like a paper towel and simply reach for a new one.

The plate dividers are available in three sizes:
  • Ø 12cm (4.7in) for saucers and small plates
  • Ø 18cm (7in) for medium-sized plates like dessert plates and bread and butter plates
  • Ø 24cm (9.4in) for large plates such as dinner plates, deep plates and presentation plates
  • 47 in stock, otherwise the delivery time is approx. 3-4 working days.
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